We would like to start a round of applause for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU who have given financially to the COVID-19 disaster relief efforts of Living Hope!!! Can you hear us loudly cheering our “THANK YOU!!!” to you?

We want to show you exactly how far your donations are stretching in this time.

With your help Living Hope is reaching out in extraordinary ways, like never before! We praise God for sustaining Living Hope and indeed GROWING our ministries during this difficult time. The needs around us are monumental but we have so many positive stories to report.

If you watched our latest video on Facebook (or in our last newsletter) you know that the delivery of over 7000 food parcels/vouchers has been a HUGE success, and are continuing to make a difference as we have sent out or given out another 1200 food parcels/vouchers out to those who have been verified as those in need.

Other successes:

  • The farm is booming! We can’t wait to see how the harvest will augment our feeding efforts when our special COVID-19 crop we have planted is harvested.
  • The Health Care Centre is safe from COVID19 and the 24 hour per day care goes on without interruptions.
  • Door-to-door medication delivery around the South Peninsula of Cape Town (over 100
  • Chronic Meds delivered daily to people’s doors).
  • Front line COVID-19 screening in Masiphumelele has been a hard slog but our team has managed to screen over 1000 people per day!

Here are some photos from our busy, busy days!

We know that our staff are incredibly special people, and are also in need of a big round of applause for their extraordinary efforts during this time. At Living Hope the “SHOW MUST GO ON” as so many people are needing support at this time. We know we will be required to minister in ways that we never have before. Will you help us to keep the applause going? Please join in showing your support in a tangible way through a donation to our Disaster Relief account