Local and International Student Internships

Living Hope welcomes both local and international interns and students who share our passion, mission, and vision.

We seek to accommodate student internships as best we can. Student internships take various forms in terms of the vocation and hours, or project required to be completed by a student to complete their learnerships, certificates or degrees. Please note that we only have certain capacity and availability – specifically where supervision is required.

Local Interns and Students (Click here to download the application form):

Apart from hands-On Experience, practical hours gained or learnership hours completed, Local interns and students actively participate in our programs, gaining practical experience in community development, education, healthcare, and more. Depending on the vocation you are studying internships vary from job shadowing – usually 5 days, to practical hours required between 180 to 260 – this is usually for Home Based Care certificates. Also accommodated and again, depending on the learnership, practical hours from 5 months to 18 months. Living Hope does not provide a stipend, and these are usually organised by the learning facility, depending on the circumstances and their type of learnership.


International Interns and Students (Click here to download the information packet):

Cross-Cultural Exposure: International interns and students bring diverse perspectives and skills. They immerse themselves in the local context, learning about South African culture, history, and social issues.

Collaboration: They collaborate with local staff, sharing best practices and contributing fresh ideas.

Skill-Based Opportunities: Depending on their skill sets, and requirements needed for the internship, we tailor opportunities to maximize their impact.

Global Leadership: By engaging with Living Hope, international interns and students become global citizens who understand the interconnectedness of our world.

Please note for international students, Visa’s, accommodation, and travel hire is at your own arrangement, but we are happy to share the connections we do have.


We accommodate in the following vocations:

  • Home Based Care – practical hours.
  • Social Work
  • Theology / Ministry / counselling
  • Business administration or similar
  • Human Resources (local only)
  • Community Development
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Life Skills education
  • Agriculture

If your vocation is not listed here, we are always willing to discuss and see if we can accommodate.


Whether you are a local or international student seeking hands-on experience, practical hours or other learnership criteria, Living Hope invites you to join our mission and vision. Together, we can break the cycle of poverty and disease, foster love, and transform lives.

Local students / interns:

Click here to download the application form and complete to apply for an internship.

International students / interns:

Click here to download the information packet. The application process is different to our local students, and we will communicate with you and/or your agent / university directly.


For any information, please contact us via email: volunteer@livinghope.co.za

Feel free to explore our website and learn more about the incredible work we do at Living Hope through God’s grace!