Health Care

Compassionately supporting the dignity and health of people through Integrated Home and Community Based Services, Support Groups, our Health Care Centre, and Clinic-Based Health Counselling.

Substance Abuse Recovery

Our structured comprehensive eight-week programme seeks to break the chains of addictions, holistically transforming people’s habits, lives and families.

Life Skills

Providing valued-based guidance to right living through Life Skills Education for all Children and Teens. ‘The Way to Work’ programme and ‘The Job Centre’ empowers unemployed people.

Agricultural Training

Helping people earn their way out of poverty through a four-phase, practical Agricultural and Business Training Programme, developing future farmers for South Africa.

Family Strengthening

We seek to build resilience in children and families through the provision of Early Intervention services, Gender Based Violence, Trauma care and Counseling, as well as Advocacy for vulnerable children.

Community Response

Response to Disaster, distribution of Donations, organising overseas Team visits, as well as providing the community with nutrition through the Cooking Mama’s programme.