Family Strengthening

We seek to build resilience in children and families through the provision of Early Intervention services, Gender Based Violence, Trauma care and Counseling, as well as advocacy for vulnerable children. We believe that Christ is the best way to restore the break-down of families whose lives are confronted by the ugly snares of poverty and its effects. Therefore, the Family Strengthening Programme brings hope to children and families in need, through the provision of Early Intervention services. This is done by a devoted team of Social Auxiliary Workers, a Crisis Pregnancy Counsellor, Donation coordinators, Charity Shop employees, Volunteers and a Family Strengthening Manager.

Family Strengthening Service

Services provided to children:

• Basic initial counselling to children and families (referrals to relevant organizations for further
interventions are usually made)

• Grief and loss support group

• Protective behaviours workshop

• Early intervention substance abuse programme

Services provided to parents/ adults:

  • Crisis Pregnancy counselling
  • Antenatal support groups
  • Moms and Babies (0-6months) groups
  • Moms and Tots (7-24 months) groups
  • Book-sharing
  • Book sharing groups
  • Health Awareness groups
  • Disability Support Programme
  • Protective Behaviour Sessions
  • Gender Based Violence – caring for those in abusive situation
  • Appropriate referrals for children and families in need of social grants or identifying documents and
    other services
  • Distribution of donated clothing, bedding, household goods, as assessed by staff
    Charity Shop sales

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First 1000 Days

Recent research has shown that the First 1000 Days of a child’s life – from the start of pregnancy through to a child’s 2nd birthday—as a critical window of time that sets the stage for a person’s intellectual development and lifelong health. It is a period of enormous potential, but also enormous vulnerability.

The Living Hope First 1000 days curricula was developed in conjunction with individuals from the communities of Ocean View and Masiphumelele, a baby clinic nurse, a counselling psychologist, a Biology teacher and a Pre-school teacher, to meet the particular needs of expectant mothers and mothers with babies aged 0-2years of age, in line with all Government policies and protocols.

After careful consideration, eight essential topics per curricula were decided upon that every expectant mother must know in order to have a healthy baby develop and grow.

This course is designed for a support group setting. In these support groups, mothers and the facilitator can discuss pertinent issues and the mothers are welcome to ask questions and seek guidance about their particular situation. Each topic contains a Christian devotion, the lesson information for the facilitator, a pre and post-lesson evaluation to assess what the expectant mother has learnt and a handout for the mothers to take home with them.

The Living Hope First 1000 Days curricula includes an Antenatal programme: the Moms and Tots course for mothers of newborn babies (0-6months) and Moms and Tots (6-24 months). After this, they are referred to the Book-sharing course and the Parenting Course for mothers and fathers of older babies, toddlers and children.

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