Wish List

We are so grateful to those who donate their time, and funds and give their resources to us to help us carry on the work we do, Bringing Hope and Breaking the Despair of Poverty, Diseases and Addiction.

We have seen young donors, 12 years old, use their voice and influence to fundraise for Sanitary Pads for our teens’ clubs; others have seen our wish list items and gathered work friends together to help fundraise for a specific need.  Will you help us? Will you look at our wish list and see if there is something your company, friends or even a family member in business may be able to help us with obtaining?

Thank you to those who have given. We appreciate you.

Click here to view our Wish List.

Please find our Take-A-Lot wishlist here. (For our American friends, Take-A-Lot is very similar to Amazon.) You can ship items to Living Hope, 7 Kommetjie Main Road, Capri, 7975. Please note that the website functionality did not allow us to ask for multiple items but that we most certainly could use at least 5 of every item we added to the list. Feel free to purchase multiple items on the list!

Click here to view our Takealot Wish List.