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Updates on the Overcome Heights Fire

Sept 18, 2021

During Saturday night 18th September, a significant fire raged through the informal settlement in the area of Overcome Heights which is in Capricorn/Vrygrond. 70 homes were totally destroyed and the 283 occupants lost everything they possessed in the fire…

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Updates on the Masi Fire

Feb 15, 2021

Dear Partner,

WOW!! 2021 has already been a crazy busy year at Living Hope! What a blessing to be a blessing, especially as the Masi fire relief efforts are still ongoing. To coordinate this response has truly been a mammoth effort…

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Christmas Blessings & Updates on the Masi Fire

Dec 25, 2020

My dear friends,

I am writing to you at what has felt like one of the longest weeks at the end of a very hard year dealing with COVID-19…

Living Hope cares for the whole person and when a major disaster hits like a ravaging fire or flood, then Living Hope co-ordinates the disaster relief effort. As a longstanding and well respected non-profit, Living Hope is uniquely positioned to respond to disasters. We are geographically close to the hardest-hit areas, we have a strong volunteer network and we work closely with many civic institutions that are quickly mobilized to work together to provide relief. Over the years, we have become a trusty worthy place for people to turn to in times of hardship.
Fires and floods routinely affect our communities. Because of the strong winds in Cape Town, people can lose everything they own in a matter of minutes during these terrible floods and fires. Densely constructed housing with little or no direct access to poorly drained areas means that waiting for the next disaster to strike has become a way of life. The love of God compels us to be the hands and feet of Jesus at such times, Bringing Hope to the hopeless and Breaking the Despair caused by these desperate losses. Once one has seen someone standing on the burnt or flooded patch of empty ground that used to be their home, your heart is truly moved to help in any way you can. This is where Living Hope responds with practical measures of relief such as water, food, clothing, bedding, kitchen utensils, cooking equipment, etc.
This is also where we need your help so that we can help others. Living Hope has a specifically designated bank account set up to assist with short-term disaster relief when people need it the most; in the hours and days immediately following these disasters. People can’t afford to wait! You can make a difference by giving any amount to the Disaster Relief Fund, which will be used as each emergency arises. Please consider donating to make a difference!