Our faithful support group facilitators who work in the Ocean View area would like to share this story with you:

One of our clients was very sick the past few months and she passed away.  She was one of our strongest clients and was always an encouragement to the other HIV/AIDS clients.  You would often hear her encouraging the others to go and get their medicine and take it on time, because of the importance of it.

She went through a shift in her personal life and she could not handle the rejection and all the abuse from her childhood.  So she decided to give up on life.  But she left a strong message to the group.  “Never stop taking their medication, stay strong, and to not end up like her.” 

In our resent support group meeting we shared the news of her passing to the group and it was as if the lady’s passing on saved somebody else’s life.  Many of the clients in the group said it was a wake up call for them; that they should take better care of themselves.

Even the dead have a message to leave.  She didn’t want her friends to perish, but have everlasting life.  She made her peace with everybody she had done wrong to and said openly that she is ready to be with the Lord.

Even though we miss her – we know that she is with Jesus.

Her message to keep taking your medication is something we will continue to share with others as we know that this keeps one strong and prevents becoming drug resistant.

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