They say, “It’s all in a day’s work,” and at Living Hope, sometimes even we can’t believe what a single day might hold! Over the last month, our programs have been working in new and creative ways, reaching deeper and wider into our surrounding communities. In the first month of this year, our staff ran a holiday club, attended sign-language training, facilitated exercise classes, trained new HIV support group leaders, and hosted a floorball tournament. There was also new staff orientation, selling farm products at food markets, and serving meals in the communities. We held a cancer screening day, a singing concert for the Health Care Centre clients, trauma workshops… and more!

Keep reading below the pictures to hear more about our amazing start to the year:

The gentleman speaking from the front is former Recovery client who is celebrating 3 years of recovery. Previously homeless, during the height of his addiction, he now works as a manager at a call center and is the Chairperson at the local Narcotics Anonymous meetings. He returned to share his story and encourage our current clients to stay the course of sobriety! 

Promoting and selling our farm veggies at a local food market.

Our Life Skill educators at their hugely successful floorball tournament! 

Starting each day with a time for Bible reading, prayer and singing.

Graduated Harvest Training Initiative student, Somila Kaya, starting her own farming for profit food tunnel! 

A visiting team from Impact 360 in the USA worked together with Rise Against Hunger packaging 25,000 food parcels (feeding up to 100,000 people) to be ready for distribution at homeless shelters and after disasters.

Newly trained HIV Support Group Facilitators.

Together with support from 67 Kids, Cross Church, and Chets Creek, we blessed 250 children with uniforms, school bags, stationery, and food hampers in Masiphumelele and Mzamomhle last month. What a privilege it was for Living Hope to be then able to bless each of these children with enough to get their school year going.

In our Health Care Centre, a young patient that survived three strokes came to us for rehabilitation. He could not sit up when he arrived or even tolerate the head of the bed being raised, but after interventions, he could sit straighter. He then progressed further, and at his discharge one month later, he could stand, feed himself, manage his feeding tube, and clean his mouth.

The mid-January holiday club was a huge success. Our Life Skills team was surprised by the large number of children in attendance and gave kids a snack roll on arrival, lunch when they left, and a party pack on the last day. During this week, we learned of 16 teens who made an initial profession of faith. Hearing stories like these encourage us as we work to “Bring Hope and Break Despair,” we are aligning ourselves with God’s kingdom purposes. The lame walking, drug addicts living in freedom from addiction, children clothed and fed, and teenagers coming to know the love of Christ! How exciting! We are so grateful for you, our donors, who make these kingdom ministries go ahead. Your gifts have a tangible impact! We’d love for you to click the blue button below or see our EFT details to support this work.


Victor Thomas
Executive Director