Wanting to join us for Mandela Day and wondering how you can help ….

To do : everyone to please bring gloves and black bags and wear gumboots or old closed in shoes:

1. Clear farm of aliens
2. Clear area on either side of electric fence on Vancouver Crescent side of farm
3. Clear area between tunnels
4. Dismantle pig sty and move all bits to outside of barn
5. Move the chicken pens to dam side of office area so that they are all together
6. Pick up strings and bits lying around farm area
7. Pack all plastics into storage room
8. Transport all metal goods to Metal Monkey to get some money
9. Remove all rubble to rubbish dump
10. Weed all garden area
11. Clear garden area in front of car parking area
12. Cleaning of all blue chairs in Prevention building

To donate :

1. Roll-up blinds for Prevention building
2. Non-perishable foods : especially legumes – for youth substance abuse recovery programme in Capri
3. Frozen soup in ice-cream containers or tinned soup for Recovery programme in Muizenberg
4. Hygiene items : soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, face cloth, razor, for Health Care Centre and CBS clients
5. Baby nappies for First 1000 days graduations – various sizes
6. School stationery packs for Life Skills programme