From substance abuse and domestic violence to new hope and unity – that is the story of Peter and Cathleen and their three boys, aged 11, 7 and 4. For 20 years, this couple went through cycles of Living Hope’s rehab, violence and broken promises of change. Referred to the Living Hope office in Ocean View, Cathleen was filing for divorce and living in a safe house with the children. Through counselling sessions and the transforming power of God, the life of this family has been turned around. They are back together as a family, attending church together and Peter is playing the drums at church. Living Hope’s provision of practical help in the form of food parcels along with emotional and spiritual support has opened the door to a new future and a new hope. Please pray for Peter to remain committed and focused as he looks for work

If you find yourself battleing with substance abuse, reach out to us on 021 788 9702 or visit our offices in Muizenberg on the main road next to the train station.  There is help, you are not alone.