We are thrilled to reach out to you with exciting news about the profound impact of our “Fresh Start” employee wellness programme over the past year. At Living Hope, we recognize that our staff’s well-being directly impacts the quality of care they provide. Your unwavering support has made all of this possible, and we couldn’t wait to share the incredible journey we’ve been on together.

What is Fresh Start? 

Fresh Start* is far more than just a programme—it’s a transformative journey towards emotional and spiritual healing, centered around the powerful concept of forgiveness. In a world where betrayal, grief, and trauma are all too common, Fresh Start provides a safe space for our employees to embark on a 7-week curriculum-based discussion group. Rooted in Biblical principles, this innovative programme addresses the deep-seated issues of the heart, fostering resilience, reconciliation, and ultimately freedom.

 Traditionally offered by churches, Living Hope has taken a pioneering step by extending this opportunity to our dedicated employees, thanks to a remarkable team of trained facilitators. It’s important to note that Fresh Start is not mandatory; rather, it’s a free opportunity offered to our employees, who have seen remarkable benefits from just one to two hours per week dedicated to the course.

“Fresh Start” delves into the complexities of trauma, asking tough questions about what happened and how we respond to it. Through the lens of Biblical forgiveness, employees are empowered to overcome past traumas, breaking free from the cycle of unforgiveness and bitterness. In communities deeply affected by addiction, violence, and harm, Fresh Start is not just relevant—it’s absolutely essential. It equips the team to better serve our communities, ensuring sustainable impact.

Why Fresh Start Matters:

  • Employee Well-being: Our programme supports staff in overcoming stress, trauma, and grief, fostering unity and personal development.
  • Community Impact: By equipping our team with tools to navigate personal trauma, we empower them to better serve individuals in communities who are also experiencing trauma.
  • Trauma-Informed Care: Fresh Start isn’t just about healing—it’s about equipping our employees with the skills and understanding needed to navigate complex traumas with empathy and resilience.

One staff member had this feedback; “I came to Fresh Start to deal with a painful relationship with my mother. Since then my relationship with her has greatly improved. She hasn’t really changed but I have. Fresh Start has given me the tools to deal with so many situations in my life. I am more confident and my self-esteem has improved.” Thank you for helping make this happen and increasing our community impact.

The Journey Ahead: 

While we’ve already seen incredible success with Fresh Start in several departments, our journey is far from over. In 2024, we’re committed to extending this transformative experience to two more departments within Living Hope, ensuring that over the next few years, every single employee of Living Hope will have access to this invaluable resource. Your support enables this vital program, fostering healthier, more compassionate service.

How You Can Help: 

As a non-profit organisation, we rely on the generosity of supporters like you to continue initiatives like Fresh Start. Your small or big monthly donations enable us to provide this life-changing programme free of charge to our employees, empowering them to make a profound difference in the lives of others. Would you consider adding $20 monthly to your giving?