The Life Skills Education Programme work with children and teens in impoverished and challenging home-circumstances in 6 different different communities to bring hope and to show God’s love. Through the various programmes offered the children have a place to feel at home and loved, the South African schools get to learn about Biblical Principles and AIDS Prevention, and it helps to provide godly male and father role models in the communities.

This all gives our communities hope in Christ, helps to build the children with Christ-honoring values and helps to reach South Africa for the Lord. The programmes offered include afternoon children and teens clubs, holiday clubs, school and preschool ministry and parenting workshops to name a few.

The Life Skills program depends on funding from our D.A.D. campaign. So we need you to partner with us to help raise support for this programme.

“Would you be willing to play the fatherly role through the sponsorship of the Life Skills Program and effectively allow these children to have some form of fatherly input through our very dedicated staff? I want to ask you to commit yourself NOW to this program.”  John V Thomas, Chairman and Founder of Living Hope.

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