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Poverty starts in the mind.  In order for people to make best use of their skills and opportunities, their thinking needs to change.

Living Way’s goal through this set of activities is to equip people with the thinking tools to live productive lives. This enables true sustainability, as thinking patterns and habits go with you – regardless of where you are and what resources you have available.

WorkLife – Worker Readiness School

Long term unemployment robs people of the basic soft skills needed for employment.  This course works to give under-employed and under-skilled people the necessary soft skills required by employers.  Once these basics are in place, the student is able to get a job, keep a job and move up in their careers. It will be the first SETA accredited training programme in Living Way.

This is an exciting programme developed within Living Way.  Over nine days, students learn what is expected of them in the workplace.  Again and again, employers reassured the programme researchers to focus on the character of people.  Over 90 people have gone through the training since 2010.  For more detailed information on this exciting programme, please click here.

Steps to Excellence

STEPS to Excellence is a first class training curriculum aimed at helping people get unstuck.  Quite simply, we get stuck because of the way we think.  Through looking at our thinking patterns, we can change the way we see ourselves and the world and be free to realise more of our God given potential.  For more information on the curriculum, please access The Pacific Institute website for more information.

Through a partnership with Grassroots, a non-profit organisation in Johannesburg, Living Way is part of a team of trainers working to prepare young people for leanerships in the retail sector.  Through this programme, unemployed young adults go through the STEPS to Excellence training curriculum and are prepared for employment.  As facilitators and mentors to these students, Living Way walks a journey with these young people to help them realise their potential.