Way to Work

Way to Work | Achieving the Vision

We incorporate the Alpha Phase of our training program to include principles of discipleship.

Why Do We Serve?

Job creation. To work directly with the unemployed people to provide the soft skills needed to obtain employment.

How Do We Serve?

 The Way To Work course is a 9 day course over a period of three weeks with 26 modules which also includes the Alpha Course through which we do discipleship. It teaches the students the soft skills necessary for obtaining a job. The modules are centered on topics such as attitude, communication, presentation, appearance, time management, CV and Cover Letter writing, mock interview, work ethic and then daily devotions as well.

Where Do We Serve?

Primarily – Capri Campus but we are willing to go where the need is.

Measuring Our Efforts

We are able to measure the effect on participants and the increase of their knowledge through their assessments and the evaluation processes. We are not yet able to track how many people actually obtain jobs through use of the Way To Work program. The completion rate for the course is 89%.

Looking Forward

Implement a tracking system to identify who received jobs. The Way To Work course would be a valuable asset to larger chain stores who are looking to hire in a mass quantity. This will allow LH to identify the specific skills necessary for employment, and tailor the instruction to best suit a particular job. The partnership would allow LH a minimum guarantee of job placement for the students in the course, ensuring both effectiveness, and a higher rate of attendance for those guaranteed to receive a position or be strongly considered for a job opportunity.