Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE):
Enterprise Development

  • For companies that require BBBEE compliance, donations to Living Hope can give rise to points on a BBBEE scorecard.
  • One of the elements used in determining a company’s level of contribution towards B-BBEE is Enterprise Development.
  • Companies that donate up to 3% of their net profit after tax can gain points towards their B-BBEE scorecard. Smaller companies can donate up to 2%.
  • The government particularly encourages donations that assist or accelerate the development, sustainability and ultimate financial and operational independence of the beneficiary.
  • Assisting the Living Hope entrepreneur development program would be a perfect way to accrue these points.
  • For further information about how assisting Living Way can help your level of BBBEE compliance, please contact Gerrit Kleinhans on email