Dear Friend of Living Hope,


Hundreds of dollars have been raised for Living Hope because some of you in the USA are just drinking better coffee every morning… or getting your church or office to drink better coffee.  It would be so easy for more of you to also just drink better coffee and have the hundreds turn into thousands for Living Hope.


The coffee is from our partner, Phoenix Community Coffee, and is a single-sourced Panamanian ranked in the top 1% in the world.  It is grown by mission minded growers who support missionaries in Panama and as you will remember, Phoenix Community Coffee was started by an Atlanta area church, The Phoenix Community of Atlanta. Our Chairman, John Thomas, announced this at the last Partner’s Conference and also encouraged the listeners on the Rick and Bubba radio show to order and drink the coffee the last time he was in the USA .


This month there has been some game changing news relating to the Living Hope coffee offering.  Their customers demanded and they have responded with FREE SHIPPING!  Now with the purchase of 3 bags from shipping is ABSOLUTELY FREE and $3 per bag will come to Living Hope.  You get 3 bags of the best coffee, freshly roasted that week, and Living Hope will receive $9!


The best, and easiest, way to support us is to start a monthly subscription of 3 or more bags per month.  If your home or office is a pot a day kind of place you could easily go through 5 – 7 so 3 – 4 is easily managed in a home or office.


A subscription of 3 bags from would give $9 per month to Living Hope.  That is $108 per year to Living Hope and you have done nothing different than upgrading the coffee you drink.


Please consider a subscription today for your home or office, or just order some pumpkin spice or another of their great offerings for your holiday parties or gifts.


They even have a donate button where you can just give directly to Living Hope if you are not a coffee drinker.


God bless you for your efforts on behalf of Living Hope and those we serve and for considering helping (or continuing to help) through your coffee choice.