D.A.D. Supporters

Living Hope has found that our Life Skills Educators are best funded through individual donors.

LIFESKILLS2Impacting six different communities for Christ, our Life Skill Educators work in after-school clubs focused on kids and teens; holiday clubs, school and preschool programmes, as well as groups, focused on parenting. These clubs are intended to show God’s love to the youth through educational programmes, games, hygiene talks, worship, and mentorship as good role models. The Life Skill Educators (LSE’s) are trained in effectively teaching God’s principles and building relationships with the children, teens and parents.

D.A.D. our Dollar-A-Day programme was created to help fund the salaries of the Life Skill Educators. DAD1For a Dollar-A-Day ($30/month), you can become a D.A.D. to support our LSE’s “Fatherly DAD” influence to the youth in impoverished communities. It takes several D.A.D.s’ to sponsor the salary of a single LSE. Through your commitment and ability to bring awareness to the D.A.D. campaign you will help impact both the Educators and the next generation of young leaders being developed in South Africa.

Please partner with us to become a D.A.D. here.