Last year, Zulu Nala and Lulama Sdino  who live in Masiphumele had nothing.  Their shack had burnt down.  They were responsible for taking care of their three grandchildren, as well as their three children, who are all younger than 20 years old.  In October last year, at the Masiphumelele afternoon kids club, their youngest daughter confided in Sondi, one of the Life Skills Educators. After a home visit to check on them, the Masiphumelele Life Skills team and other volunteers have been walking alongside this family, helping them to get back on to their feet again.

They first managed to obtain birth certificates.  Then, in November, the family was supplied with beds by ‘Sweet Sleep’.  Now, the family are due to get their first child grant payments in April.   We plan to continue to support them, including teaching them how to budget and use their grant money wisely and responsibly. 

It has been a long journey and we are very grateful to everyone who has participated in this process.  We are most grateful to God who made it all possible.

The highlight for all was on 21 March 2012, when Zulu and Lulama got married in the Masiphumelele Baptist Church.  This was a very special and meaningful service and was well attended. It was a celebration – not just for those involved from Living Hope, but also for the community. The pastor spoke it out so well: “I thank you for doing this today. Because whether you know it or not, you are not just doing it for yourselves but for all the young people here. Today, you are planting a seed in their hearts, that maybe one day they will say I want to do it this way, God’s way.” What a powerful testimony to the next generation of what God’s good plans are for them if they choose to wait!

Shelby Wedding