HAST Counsellors

HAST Counsellors | Achieving the Vision

Our counsellors’ are encouraged to counsel and pray with clients as the client works through their challenges.


Why Do We Serve?

The stigma of learning your status still presents a struggle for clients. The HAST (HIV, AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections, and TB) Counsellors help to reassure and counsel clients to disclose to someone they trust and seek to dispel their fears around starting treatment. The Counselors are stationed throughout the Southern Peninsula of Cape Town at clinics and hospitals where they test people for HIV in a loving environment and provide health education and counseling after completing the tests.


How Do We Serve?

HAST Counsellors provide HIV testing and counseling as well as educating clients on how to live a healthy sexual lifestyle based on Biblical principles. They encourage everyone to know their status, provide information on family planning and medical male circumcision, test for HIV and refer those needing treatment for STIs. They also prepare TB and HIV positive clients for treatment and teach on the importance of adherence.


Where Do We Serve?

Our Living Hope Facility Counsellors serve in two local hospitals (False Bay Hospital and DP Marais Hospital), four clinic facilities (Fish Hoek, Ocean View, Muizenberg and Seawinds Clinic), and the satellite clinic in Simon’s Town. The Drug-Resistant TB Counsellor also serves at Masiphumelele Clinic, Lavender Hill and Westlake Clinics, Redhill Clinic and Retreat Day Hospital.


Measuring Our Efforts

The Counsellors are required to test a minimum number of new patients each month to assist the Government in their efforts of awareness and education.