Have you already checked out the video “Looking Back on 20 Years” included above? We hope so, as you just might spot yourself or someone you know! So many incredible people have walked alongside Living Hope in the last twenty years, and this video highlights a few of those incredible folks! See for yourself by clicking the red play button above. 

In other news, we just can’t stop celebrating all that God has done in the last 20 years! 2020 is the year of our 20th Anniversary Celebrations and while we were able to celebrate with many of our friends in the USA at the beginning of the year, our local celebrations have been happening over the past two weeks coinciding with our actual registration as an NPO in South Africa on September 12th, 2000. We had to adapt our plans due to COVID, so we held 8 separate parties to encourage social distancing, but the spirit of celebration remained the same! We told stories, looked at old photos, met with previous clients and staff members, prayed and laughed with each other, gave out “most-likely” awards and even had a go at the “Jerusalema” dance craze challenge that has gone viral around the globe. As you can see in the pictures below, our multi-talented staff are just as good at caring for people, as they are at having a bit of fun! Each department of Living Hope formed their own dance crew and we had one massive dance-off challenge! You’ll have to stay tuned to see which department won overall…

To keep Living Hope going for the next twenty years or more, don’t forget about the many easy ways we have for you to donate to Living Hope including What’sApp giving, direct EFT, or online by clicking the blue button below. (And you can always ask for an 18A Tax Receipt!) 

In gratitude for 20 years together, 

John V. Thomas
Executive Chair Living Hope