Since  we  started  teens  team, it  has  been  very  unusual  to find  that it was mostly  boys  who  were  committed  to attending Teens Club.   It  was evident that the boys  were enjoying spending time with their male leaders who  are  filling  that  gap of  a  father  figure. We  cannot  run  away from the  fact  that   our  community  is  dominated by  father figures  who are  irresponsible, who  don’t  associate  themselves  with  their  child’s upbringing and as  a result  many  boys   are  on  the  look  out  for   fathers  who  show  interest in them  as  well.   Unfortunately  this  does  not  always   produce  good  results;  some men  abuse  these  young  boys  trust  by  involving  them in drugs and  other  unacceptable  behaviours.


Since  Noxolo Mokson, our  legacy  member  joined the Teens Club we  have  seen girls  getting  more  interested  in club. Noxolo  is  still young and familiar with the challenges faced by young  girls  and she is able to influence them with her  amazing  testimony  and able to set  a trend  among   her  peers  into  living  the  life  that  pleases  God.   She  has  taught  other  girls  about  the best ways  of  overcoming  loneliness without  indulging in  stuff like  alcohol and negative  peer  pressure .   1 Timothy 4 verse  12  says : “Don’t  let  anyone look down on you because  you  are  young, but  set an  example  for  the believers in  speech, in life, in love, in  faith and  in  purity.”   We  are  very  proud of  having  young  people who  are  willing to  live  a life that is pleasding to God and commit to abstain from sex until marriage.