Job Centre

Why Do We Serve?

Job creation. To work directly with the unemployed people in the nearby communities to provide an outlet for a job application, the minimal training to accomplish a professional resume/ cover letter, and to assist them with searching and identifying local job opportunities.

How Do We Serve?

IMG-20140913-WA012The job centre pre-searches available job opportunities and provides the resources to fax and email job applications to employers.

When Do We Serve?

Twice a week on a Monday and Wednesday at the Capri Campus and Monday and Wednesday mornings in Ocean View

Measuring Our Efforts

We now have a system in place where either a staff member or volunteer will contact all those who attended in the last quarter (in month 4 those attended in the previous 3 months will be contacted) and conduct a short interview with the attendee. Thus we can measure, who got an interview and/or got a job.

Looking Forward

We want to refine a tracking system to identify who received jobs, identify more time to research available jobs, and post weekly job summaries on the Living Hope website to provide a one-stop place for the users to email employers independently or craft their own cover letters at home. Internet usage is limited, so this will maximize their time spent searching, or writing.

Future plans include collaborating with other more established partners from other areas with bigger traction either in the province or country. We are also expanding the Job Centre into the other areas in which Living Hope serves.