Here in South Africa, temperatures are rising in a number of ways, but the hottest news to share with you, is that we are most excited about the launching of a Face-a-thon this #GivingTuesday, 29 November!!

There is a King in the Bible, King David who asked an important question, a question that we at Living Hope constantly have to answer and act upon – the King asked: “Is there still someone of the house of Saul, to whom I may show the kindness of God?” In the story it turned out that there was a crippled outcast grandson who lived on the outskirts of the city who was lame in both his feet. King David called him in and made sure that this son had food and was cared for the rest of his life. Now at Living Hope, to name a few, we provide food, care, education, hospital patient care and skills training. Last year Living Hope reached 56 003 clients. You can imagine that providing care to so many people costs a fortune! Like King David had, we do not have access to coffers filled with gold, precious stones and other costly items, but we have you! Yes, we have you! Please ask yourself the question – “Is there someone out there to whom my money can make a difference today?”

As we are approaching this season of giving, we are excited to invite you to be part of Living Hope’s Face-a-thon this #GivingTuesday, 29 November! Please save the date and check out our Facebook page and share with your contacts:
We want to appeal to you to join us in giving so that we can reach our Face-a-thon goal of $56 003 – which represents the exact number of people whom we served last year! By donating, you are partnering with us in order to care for those who desperately need care! Donations made in South Africa and the USA are tax deductible. Next week we’ll update you with some more info about what we are planning.

Like King David showed compassion to we too have many opportunities to show compassion. Click on the arrow below and hear directly from a disabled patient, Terence Vlok, of how Living Hope assisted him while he was a patient and stayed 3 months in the Health Care Centre.

Listen to Terrence Vlok’s testimony:
HCC enteranceHCC staffVlok
*  Our Health Care Center                                    *Some of the staff                                             *Vlok with Lillian
(L-R: Allan, Nolo, Dr Adelle, Amy and Lillian)