TODAY IS THE DAY to make your tax deductible donation to Living Hope in order to qualify for the Section 18A Tax Receipt for this financial year!

Your inbox is likely full of amazing opportunities to give. We invite you to be part of the story that God is writing at Living Hope by partnering with us in these last few days of the financial year. Closing out the financial year is an incredibly important time as we budget and plan for the year ahead. As we plan ahead for 2021/22 these are the questions we are working on:

  • Will we be able to adequately respond to the needs around us in 2021?
  • Will we be able to expand our reach?
  • Will we be able to continue providing services at our current level?

What we’ve found, year after year, is that God always provides through generous donors like you.

So we invite you to make the transfer now in order to receive your Section 18a receipt! You can click on the blue button below to give via our website by clicking on the “Greatest Need” button and also typing Greatest Need into the “Purpose” block or do an EFT directly into our bank account.

Bank details:
Account Holder: Living Hope – Call Account
Account Number: 62061847748
Branch code: 260 300
Bank: First National Bank
Type of account: Savings and Investment Call Account
Reference: Your email (so that we can acknowledge your donation)

I would like to encourage you to think strategically how your giving could impact the mission of Living Hope in 2021. I trust you will be able to help and give as generously as possible.