Have you ever been hungry? Today, around the world people are facing hunger not for just an hour before lunch time, but for days on end. Often times their hunger is due to circumstances out of their control such as natural disasters, political problems in their country or simply not being able to secure a job that will be able to feed them and their families. We, at Living Hope, want to help alleviate that problem for people of South Africa and its neighbouring countries.

To do this we are asking for your help. We’re asking you to help provide food for a family by buying a Vegepak. This pak includes sufficient seed and fertilizer to create a 13’ x 16’ garden full of beans, beets, cabbage, carrots and swiss chard for one growing season. The pak provides simple instructions and measuring tools that even those who struggle with literacy will be able to follow along.

By purchasing just one of these Vegepaks for only $15 you can help provide food for a family and alleviate hunger. Living Hope, with your help, is committing to partner with other Christian organisations and distribute these Vegepaks along with the Gospel message, to those in need including the most vulnerable of orphans and widows. Additionally, your investment not only helps provide food for people but also assists in the long term training of future farmers for Africa. How many families in Africa you will help by purchasing Vegepaks today?

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