CD – The Masi Choir – Living Hope in South Africa




Note from Steve Hindalong – Producer, Nashville TN:

“If not for Jesus, there is no hope at all.”  Vuyiswa Somagaca, the beloved director of The Masi Choir told me such – with urgency in her eyes. Songs of joyous praise reverberate from within the primitive block wall structure of the Baptist Church in the center of the township of Masiphumelele. Nobody seems bothered by the dog barking incessantly outside. Oh, yes, these Xhosa people love to sing. And sing they do. They sing in celebration. They sing in mourning. It was a life-changing adventure, traveling to Cape Town to serve alongside a mission team from Brentwood Baptist Church, Tennessee. One of our
objectives was to record the Masi Choir. And so we did. After returning to the states, we invited some local musicians and a few special guests to contribute to the recordings. All performed with inspired hearts. I then went back to Cape Town twice more to work with the Choir; so it became an interactive process over three years – a blend of musical offerings from diverse cultures on opposite corners of the globe, unified in worshipping one Lord and Savior in song. Because we believe – as they believe – that there is hope. Jesus is alive.
Note from Living Hope Chairperson, John V. Thomas – Cape Town, South Africa:

This CD is a wonderful tribute to many people who believe in reaching people for Christ by bringing hope and breaking the despair of poverty and disease. The Masi Choir recorded this album as their gift towards helping people in poverty; many of whom have HIV and AIDS. I am so grateful to so many who have invested time, energy and money into the production of this CD. Michael W. SmithJars of Clay and Casting Crowns have graciously donate their gifted voices to help people in Africa whom Living Hope serves. This has been a dream for me personally and finally it is a reality. May God bless you as you enjoy this remarkable CD and through your purchase you bless Africa. All the profits of the CD go entirely to Living Hope for ministry in “Bringing Hope and Breaking Despair”, particularly for those in hopeless disease situations and poverty.
My thanks to everyone involved, particularly to Dennis Worley and Scott Harris and Brentwood Baptist Church. You are a blessing to us in South Africa. May God bless Africa.


 Find the song translations here.


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