Helping people earn their way out of poverty.

Agricultural Training Program

Achieving the Vision

 The heart of the agricultural training program is to develop farmers in Biblical principles, preparing them to run their farming activities from a business perspective. This is done through training, mentoring and direct work application.

Why Do We Serve?

To invest in the lives of potential Agricultural business entrepreneurs and employees, through training, mentorship and support within a structured Christian environment, which exposes them to all the principles of Godly business and sustainable Agricultural production. This will provide them with a solid entrepreneurial foundation and provide a springboard for their first venture, thus providing them with hope and a future.

How Do We Serve?

IMG-20140913-WA003The range of programme activities is aimed at currently under- or unemployed individuals from township areas. They are typically poorly educated and face a myriad of social problems. Despite the context in which they find themselves, we believe they have the potential to grow into positions of self-sustenance and provision for others.

Training:Provide a foundation for employment in the agricultural sector Soft skills training
Addressing the poverty mindset
Business basics
Agricultural business basics

Mentoring:Prepare entrepreneurs for the launch of their agricultural business. Direct mentorship in the development of business idea and plan
Direct mentorship in community development principles

Work application:Provide work experience and awareness of business requirements and opportunities.
Daily application in various agricultural businesses – both directly and indirectly related
Internships/job shadowing in agricultural value chain businesses

Business launch and support:Provide input and support to entrepreneurs as they launch their agribusiness.
Facilitation of startup loan for entrepreneur
Onsite evaluation of agricultural business plan
Ongoing support of entrepreneur
Increased development through technology

Measuring Outcomes

Through the program, it is envisioned that farmers return to their home town to develop sustainable agricultural businesses. As a result of their improved work ethic, business and agricultural skills, they should be a shining light in their communities. They will be able to speak with authority and credibility into their neighbors’ farming activities and lives. Rather than rely on a centralized training base, it is planned that the trainees share their knowledge with the neighboring farmers. In this way, the increase in employment, economic development and the Gospel can spread beyond Living Way’s direct contact.

Facts that compel us to prioritize agriculture as an avenue for development are:

  • Investment in Agriculture is likely to have four times the impact in alleviating poverty than investment in any other economic sector (FAO-UN)
  • Of the 32 Nations viewed as critical in terms of food security, 20 are in Africa;
  • 240 million Africans do not have adequate nourishment;
  • There are 800 Million Hectares of unused cultivatable land in Africa;
  • Only one-sixth of Africa is irrigated, compared to 40% in Asia;
  • There is immense pressure on food security caused by speculation in food markets, population growth, climate change and bio-fuel production;
  • Global demand for food will grow by 50% over the next 2 decades;
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