Moms and Tots

Moms and Tots | Achieving the Vision

We provide Biblical teaching and mentoring to mom who attend the groups.

Picture this: At the age of 16 a young girl finds that she is pregnant and her boyfriend leaves her to become a single mother as he hears the news. Her own mother is working full time to support the family, and without any female role models in the house, she is left without guidance, encouragement or the wisdom and education which is usually passed on through parental influence. Living Hope created Moms and Tots as a resource for these new mothers to educate, equip, and encourage mothers to raise a God fearing, healthier generation of children, and create a multiplier effect with the knowledge they are given during the course. In many of the townships here in South Africa, to reach adulthood without having a child is considered an achievement. But as mothers become younger, they find themselves without emotional support, or the wisdom of parental guidance in their own lives to assist with their newborns. Lack of education causes many women to pass along HIV to their newborns through improper breast feeding, and the effects of their choices contribute to illness and even terminal diseases for infants.

Why Do We Serve?

Teach skills about basic motherhood, because many new moms have not had any type of instruction on basic things such as nursing/feeding, hygiene, safety, the importance of immunizations and child development and the need for stimulation.

Who Do We Serve?

Mothers with children aged 0- 6 months are welcomed to join the course

How Do We Serve?

The Mom’s and Tots programs teaches new mothers the basics of entering motherhood, and provides resources and instructions for their questions. The programme lasts 8 sessions. At the end of the service they get a certificate of completion and a baby hamper.

Where Do We Serve?

Masiphumelele, Ocean View and Red Hill

When Do We Serve?

Once a week for 8 weeks

Measuring Our Efforts

The soft goals for the program include an increase in the wellness of babies, fewer babies contracting HIV through mixed feeding, and an increase in babies receiving their necessary immunizations.

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