Wish List-Living Right

* Balloons
* Blank CDs and DVDs and the envelopes
* Small individual prizes for our older children and teens
examples: journals/stationary, lazer light keychains, small flashlights, glow in the
dark bounce balls, or other items that boys would enjoy as a prize
* Big pieces of elastic that the girls use to do jumping games
* Plastic Individual sheet protectors (ones with all of the whole so they can fit in A4 binders
* Christian DVDs and books : All books found on Amazon :
– Interactive Bible Story Bulletin Boards: 48 Hands-On Bulleitn Boards with Mini Lessons
– Bible Stories to Color and Tell Ages 3-6
– The Right Touch: a read aloud story to help prevent child sexual abuse
– Time Out!: Resources for Teens Retreats
– More Faith Building with Preschoolers Teaching Resource
– Creative Therapy: activites with children and adolescents
– Draw on your emotions
– Draw on your relationships
* DVD’s all found at www.christianmovies.com
– The Encounter
– Apostle Peter
– Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
– Standing Firm
– The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry
– Left Behind II
– Left Behind III
– Turning Back
* Colored paper and paper plates

Contact: avril@livinghope.co.za

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