Life Skill Education

Life Skill Educators | Achieving the Vision

The typical child who attends club is coming to10464208_10152560258544868_8647608446313194307_n an after school programme where they seek refuge from a broken family life. Their parents are working long days and return home to kids who don’t always receive the attention they seek. Teenagers struggle with identity coming from a poor community, and finding balance outside the townships where people are wealthier and have more privileges than they are given. They find themselves in a valley of decision, and their options are limited.   The influence the life skills educators have on their lives is mighty as they work to restore broken foundations and build up the youth in their faith and education to focus on Christ.

 Why Do We Serve?

Drugs, gangs, violence, alcohol, and lack of education create an unhealthy cycle of poverty in the communities where Living Hope serves. Children in the communities become products of their environment and have no other dreams for their life. The Life Skills Education program was created as a safe alternative to after school activities which could be destructive.

Who is Serving?

LIFESKILLS2The program is led by trained Life Skills Educators who teach Biblical value based education on a variety of lifestyle topics. To learn more about how they receive support view our D.A.D. Program.

How Do We Serve?

The LSE’s are responsible for presenting a fun atmosphere of games and worship to the kids and teens, followed by lessons from the Bible. Thousands of students join the clubs in local churches, creches, schools, and even outdoor venues to create an environment of fun and learning. The kids are always provided an afternoon snack, which for some is the only food they receive during that day. The programs are created for relationship building and mentoring, to truly change the direction and influence in each kids’ life. The kids and teens are given positive role models, and many have exited the programs to become LSE’s with Living Hope, teachers, social workers, and pastors.

Where Do We Serve?

Currently the program is being led in several communities including Masiphumelele, Capricorn, Ocean View, Overcome Heights, Mountain View, Red Hill, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Measuring Our Efforts

There are several soft goals such as a decrease in absenteeism, developing a strong Biblical Foundation, lowering the HIV rate among teens, fewer teenage pregnancies, increased ability to sustain daily lives,  providing an alternative to other behaviors, and retaining lessons. We are currently tracking and ensuring increased attendance at Club.

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