Family Strengthening

Family Strengthening

Picture this:  Every day hundreds of children join the Life Skill educators to participate in games, worship, and bible teachings. Among their friends and peers they behave as though everything is fine and at 5PM they return to their homes where abuse, disrespect, lack of food, improper shelter, and broken family units prevent them from a healthy childhood. The Family Strengthening Coordinator sitting near the Kids Club presents an open door to walk in and share about their home life and their struggles. Resources are in place by a variety of organizations to offer support, food, treatment for addictions, medical help, Christian counseling, and protection for the children once the issues are known. The Life Skill Educators make home visits to children, seeking to identify opportunities for help. The Family Strengthening Coordinator builds relationships with the kids so they trust the person whom they are sharing their home struggles with. Our goal at Living Hope is to have no children in our program living without an advocate. They must be aware and willing to reach out for help, so we work continually to make those opportunities easier.

Why Do We Serve? 

As the Life Skill Educators were working with children it was observed how there were issues in the home lives of kids, with no one to assist them. Living Hope saw a need to provide an additional resource for the children and their family to turn to in situations at home surrounding addiction, abuse, mistreatment, and overall opportunity for God’s love to be shown.

Who Do We Serve?

Families of kids and teens in the Life Skill programs who are identified as having a need for further help

How Do We Serve? 

The communities are given a Family Strengthening Coordinator who is a member of the Life Skills team that connects the family with the appropriate resources for counseling, support, clinics, or referrals. The coordinator will work with the family over a period of several weeks to provide counseling sessions from a Biblical perspective. Their experience allows them to intervene and present options to the family for professional treatment or counseling.

Where Do We Serve? 

Masiphumelele, Ocean View

Measuring Our Efforts

Working to ensure each family has the ability to meet its daily needs without resorting to abuse, neglect, theft and dire poverty.

Looking Forward

We have future goals to build a full relief program where the social workers are more equipped to handle a larger case load and a larger variety of family issues.

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