Compassionately supporting the health of the community.

Health Care Centre

Health Care Center | Achieving the Vision

 The staff is not only encouraged but instructed to pray with patients, and focus on their walk in faith.

Why Do We Serve?

IMG-20140913-WA001Created initially as a respectful environment for clients in hospice to pass away with dignity, the Health Care Center is a 22 bed facility whose functions have shifted according to the needs of the community. Now an intermediary care facility the focus has expanded to include temporary relief between the hospital stay and returning home, as well as respite care for patients whose care takers may need a break from the personal demands of caring for a loved one.

Who Do We Serve?

We work with patients who are referred by a clinic or hospital, or identified by the Home Based Care team.

How Do We Serve?

The Health Care Center provides intermediary health care treatment under the observation of a single doctor on staff. Our in-patient unit provides a safe, clean and nurturing environment where patients receive holistic medical treatment by rained staff. Treatment includes nutritional support, side effect management, spiritual counseling, and symptom control. We seek to positively influence our patients’ quality of life, helping them lead healthful, Christ-serving lives, no matter their illness.

Where Do We Serve?

The Health Care Center is on the Capri Campus.


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