Compassionately supporting the health of the community.


Living Hope assists patients and their families with physical, emotional and spiritual support. We treat chronic and terminal illnesses, including HIV and TB, we provide recuperation following hospitalization and respite care in our 22-bed Health Care Centre. We also provide assistance to patients who remain in their homes as part of our Home Based Care in 6 different communities.

Health Care Centre

Our in-patient unit provides a safe, clean and nurturing environment where patients receive holistic medical treatment by rained staff. Treatment includes nutritional support, side effect management, spiritual counseling, and symptom control. We seek to positively influence our patients’ quality of life, helping them lead healthful, Christ-serving lives, no matter their illness.

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Community-Based Care

The Home Based Care programme is an out-patient service with over 30 000 in-home visits per annum. Carers nurse the sick, dress wounds, monitor patient health, offer support to the families of patients and give medical and social referrals as needed. In addition the Carers offer advice on healthier eating and lifestyle changes by doing specific Health Campaigns.

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Support Groups

Support Groups meet weekly in homes and community venues. The Support Groups create community and offer support to people in 3 main areas namely: HIV and AIDS, Chronic Disease Lifestyle and Mother Care. Support is offered by means of the structure of the group and includes Bible study and prayer times. Currently there are 18 Support Group Facilitators and 63 groups.

HAST Counsellors

HAST Counselors provide HIV testing and counseling as well as educating clients on how to live a healthy sexual lifestyle based on Biblical principles. They encourage everyone to know their status, provide pre- and post-test counseling, and Counselors also prepare HIV positive clients for a life long commitment to ARV treatment.

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Tel: +27 (0)21 784 2800

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