• How can I be a part of what Living Hope is doing?

    Click here to see way you can get involved with and help advance the work of Living Hope.

  • Is Living Hope a faith-based organization?

    Yes – Living Hope’s core Values and Beliefs are based on Biblical principles. Our Vision and Mission Statements are clear about our beliefs and focus on Christ in all that we do – we make no excuse about it. Click here for an Overview of Living Hope.

  • What kind of work does Living Hope do?

    Click here to learn more about our different Ministries.

  • How can I donate to Living Hope?

    You can find information about donation from both the United States and South Africa here.

  • What will my donation be used for?

    Depending on how you choose to donate, Living Hope will use the money you give wisely and in good stewardship towards where the greatest needs are. Your money will also go towards the operational costs that help afford us supplies and goods that help us to provide quality programmes to our client, patients and children. Unless otherwise specified, your donation will go into the General Fund that helps us to employ a growing number of over 160 local South Africans and foreign refugees in an area with a very high unemployment rate. Click here to donate.
  • Is Living Hope Inc. a 501C3 charity?

    Yes. We are a registered non-profit in both South Africa and the United States.

  • Can I volunteer with Living Hope in South Africa?

    We’d love to have you serve alongside of us in South Africa. Find out more here!

  • I’d like to bring a team to South Africa. What is the first step?

    We love hosting teams here at Living Hope! FInd out more about bringing a missions, church, university or school team over by visiting our Teams Page.

  • Which areas and communities do you serve?

    Living Hope currently works and serves in 7 main areas or communities. Click here to read more about each of our communities.

  • Who are you looking for?

    There are literally dozens of volunteering opportunities within the four main ministries of Living Hope, and we know if the Lord is calling you to join us, we will be able to find a meaningful place of service.  If you haven’t already, check out Living Hope Ministries Page which provides more information about each of Living Hope’s main ministries. Note that Living Hope is an openly Christian-based NGO which serves our community. In everything we do, we seek to share the hope and compassion of Jesus with them on an ongoing basis in word and in lifestyle. We look to our volunteers to do the same.

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