• Who are you looking for?

    There are literally dozens of volunteering opportunities within the four main ministries of Living Hope, and we know if the Lord is calling you to join us, we will be able to find a meaningful place of service.  If you haven’t already, check out Living Hope Ministries Page which provides more information about each of Living Hope’s main ministries. Note that Living Hope is an openly Christian-based NGO which serves our community. In everything we do, we seek to share the hope and compassion of Jesus with them on an ongoing basis in word and in lifestyle. We look to our volunteers to do the same.

  • How long can I serve?

    We recommend a minimum of 3 months service time here, but many have successfully served for shorter periods.  We do, however, have a 30-day minimum service time guideline for all volunteers.  In order to be effective in the ministry to which God has called you, time must be allowed for you to properly assimilate into the local culture.

  • Where will I live?

    Accommodation needs are the responsibility of the individual volunteer. Living Hope works hand in hand with a local Christian tour company who may be able to provide a service to locate safe and suitable accommodation during your stay. Upon acceptance of your application, Living Hope would provide more detailed information.

  • How will I get around?

    Note that public transport and taxi transport are not ideal for both ministry and personal needs. The mountainous Cape geography and security concern make transport by bicycle unsuitable and therefore not allowable by Living Hope. In most cases you will need to arrange rental of a small vehicle during your stay. Living Hope has contact details for local reliable and affordable car hire services.

  • How much does it cost to live here?

    A typical budget guideline for monthly expenses for a single international person living in a local, safe and secure 1-bedroom flat with some amenities including internet, cellphone usage, hiring a small car and fuel, is R9,000 – R11,000. Ultimately, as anywhere else, budget depends on personal preferences (type and value of home or car, groceries and dining out, etc). Note that this does not include medical insurance or flights from or to your home country.

  • Do I need a visa?

    Laws are in a constant state of flux, so check with your South African consulate for the latest. Typically, a visa is not required for stays up to 90 days for citizens from the U.S., UK, and Europe. This is called a Visitor’s visa. For stays longer than 90 days, you must apply for a VOLUNTEER VISA from the South African consulate in your home country. You MUST have this visa in your passport upon arrival; otherwise you cannot stay in South Africa for longer than 90 days.

  • Can I earn an income in South Africa?

    No, unless you are a South African Citizen, a South African Permanent Resident (that has been endorsed to work), a legal refugee or have a visa that allows you to work for payment. Both Visitor’s visas and Volunteer visas prohibit remuneration for services rendered.

  • I am a specialist/professional in my home country. Will I be able to legally practice as a volunteer in South Africa?

    Please note that Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and professional Counselors need to be registered with the South African Medical & Dental Council in order to practice as a volunteer in South Africa.  This process can take some months, but we have a system in-place to make this as simple as possible so that all necessary paperwork is ideally submitted and accepted BEFORE you arrive.  However, social workers, nurses, physical therapists, and some others can work at Living Hope under the direct supervision of our resident professionals.

  • Do you run an orphanage?

    We do not have a children’s home or orphanage.  Our work with children is to instill life skills and biblical values into their lives, to help children make good choices in life, and to protect them from becoming victims of HIV & Aids.  In the case of orphaned children, we make every attempt to find extended family for the children.  If this is not possible, our social worker will endeavour to place them with a family in the community.

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