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Please join John & Avril Thomas who will be in the USA to celebrate Living Hope’s 20 years of ministry.

Whether you have been on a mission trip to Living Hope in South Africa, support Living Hope financially, or have just heard about this amazing ministry, you will not want to miss celebrating what God has done in and through Living Hope over the last 20 years

There will be events held in Nashville, TN, Birmingham, AL, Atlanta, GA and Denver, CO.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

To book your place at one of these events please see the booking link below:

Nashville, TN
Date: Sat, February 22, 2020
Time: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM CST
Location: Brentwood Baptist Church, 7777 Concord Road, Brentwood, TN 37027, United States
Bookings now OPEN:

Birmingham, AL
Date: Tues, March 3, 2020
Time: 6pm
Location: Vestavia Hills Country Club, 400 Beaumont Drive, Birmingham, AL, 35216, United States
Bookings now OPEN:

Atlanta, GA
Date: Fri, March 6, 2020
Time: 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM EST
Location: Gwinnett Community Church, 2516 Five Forks Trickum Road Southwest,Lawrenceville, GA 30044, United States
Bookings now OPEN:

Denver, CO, TBD

Chicago, IL, TBD

Journey with us as we bring the Christmas story to life and enjoy a evening of traditional Christmas Carols with well known local artist Jennifer Eaves and the James’s at Living Hope’s Capri Campus on the 1st December 2019

All ages are welcome and bring a picnic basket and blanket to share with your family. The Picnic and Journey start from 6pm to 7:10pm and Carols officially starts at 7:30pm ending with the switching on of the Christmas tree lights at 8:20pm

For more information visit our event page on Facebook:

There are are many ways to speak about those who are caught in a lifestyle of abusing drugs and alcohol…. addict, alcoholic, junkie…but at the Living Hope Recovery Programme…we call them HEROES!

Why are they heroes to us? Because it takes courage to ask for help. It requires putting aside shame and guilt, and exposing vulnerabilities. It takes both desperation and courage to walk though our doors. Clients arrive from prisons, living on the street, gangs and many other desperate circumstances. But despite the broken families and sad situations in their past, clients recognize that they want something better for their future! Often afraid and totally bewildered, they come to us, admitting to many failures, riddled with guilt, simply asking “Please can you help me”? At the Recovery Programme we teach them that each of us, no matter our past, comes to Christ with the same desperation, asking that same question, “Please can you help me”?

The Recovery Programme Provides:

  • A structured programme of recovery from substance abuse and addiction
  • After Care Support Groups for clients and their families
  • Awareness & Prevention Programmes

  The programme is divided into three components namely, Phase 1 (Admission) Phase 2 (Treatment) Phase 3 (Re-integration). A further component was added this year called Way to Work (Getting a job and keeping a job)

Phase One is the starting place for relationships to be built with clients.  Issues of ambivalence and denial are dealt with, both of which are barriers to recovery.  Motivation to get over these initial obstacles often comes from the inspirational stories shared at the graduation ceremonies of other clients who have completed the program successfully. The element of community service increases motivation – taking responsibility for, and completing the various tasks assigned to them.

Phase Two  is the formal structured treatment phase of the programme. In-depth lectures and individual counselling are the key features of this phase. Other activities include therapeutic arts and crafts, or structured recreation with a specific focus on physical, mental and emotional recovery.

Focus groups have been another very effective part of the programme. Guidance and mentoring that pertains to issues specific to a client’s gender or family structure, such as the lack of positive role models, particularly father figures. This is a safe place to ask meaningful questions and positive feedback is received regularly from clients after a focus group.

We also host a twice-monthly “Family Day” on a weekend which has been  very well received and affords an opportunity for families, friends and client supporters to understand the disease of addiction and the important of ongoing support. 

Phase 3 Treatment is provided in the form of ongoing support. Treatment without long term support offers a limited prognosis for sustained recovery. Spiritual, emotional and physical support are vital components of recovery. Clients are taught that their recovery rests on three legs namely: Spiritual growth, Support group attendance and a good relationship with a Sponsor. We are most grateful that an increased number of churches have understood these principles and assist us in providing these services to clients who have graduated the program in their communities.

  When you partner with Living Hope, you support our staff and programmes for those who need our help the most! At the Recovery Programme our staff come alongside clients, pointing them towards the help and hope of Christ, giving them the tools needed to be their own HERO!

John V Thomas
Executive Director
Living Hope 

Wanting to join us for Mandela Day and wondering how you can help ….

To do : everyone to please bring gloves and black bags and wear gumboots or old closed in shoes:

1. Clear farm of aliens
2. Clear area on either side of electric fence on Vancouver Crescent side of farm
3. Clear area between tunnels
4. Dismantle pig sty and move all bits to outside of barn
5. Move the chicken pens to dam side of office area so that they are all together
6. Pick up strings and bits lying around farm area
7. Pack all plastics into storage room
8. Transport all metal goods to Metal Monkey to get some money
9. Remove all rubble to rubbish dump
10. Weed all garden area
11. Clear garden area in front of car parking area
12. Cleaning of all blue chairs in Prevention building

To donate :

1. Roll-up blinds for Prevention building
2. Non-perishable foods : especially legumes – for youth substance abuse recovery programme in Capri
3. Frozen soup in ice-cream containers or tinned soup for Recovery programme in Muizenberg
4. Hygiene items : soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, face cloth, razor, for Health Care Centre and CBS clients
5. Baby nappies for First 1000 days graduations – various sizes
6. School stationery packs for Life Skills programme


Thank you for your interest regarding hte possibility of serving as an Ambassador of Hope.  Our Ambassadors are individuals who are committed to helping furthure the ministry of Living Hope from right where they live.  They are individuals who are passionate about supporting the vision and mission of Living Hope and want to work to help advance those efforts.

If you would like to apply to become an Ambassodor of Hope, please complete the application form below and email it back to

Living Hope has some great activities planned for 25th March from 9am to 1pm

Every year in March we host our Annual Open Day and Family Easter Egg hunt, this year will be our 3rd year and we are so excited as numbers of visitors on the day grow each year as more and more of the community come out on the day to see who we are and what we are about. The children of the valley have had great fun in participating in our Family Easter Egg Hunt where they find the Easter Bunny and visit the nests filled with Easter Eggs. There are lots of activities planned from jumping castles, facepainting to food stalls and information talks on TB and Drug Awareness to meeting some of the amazing staff involved in our 23 programmes.

If youd like to register your children for the Easter Egg hunt, its adviced to register early to guarntee your bucket for hunting, click here

We will also be hosting a Pop Up Mall, yes thats right, its going to not be one shop but many shops selling many different items from ladies shoes, to clothing to books to childrens items …. you dont want to miss this great sale oppurtunity! Snapscan or cash payment options will be available

Youve heard about Living Hope tomatoes, now come visit where we grow them, meet our milking goats and the students behind the programme! Tours to our farm will be happening throughout the morning

Bring the family and enjoy the morning as we share what we do and who we are!

Registration for Living Hope’s Annual Partners Conference is now open!

We kick off on Friday 4th March with a 15th year celebration dinner at 7pm and go into Saturday 5th March with our conference from 8am to 3pm

We look forward to sharing with you stories from our staff and clients on how God has been working in our ministries.

If you have not yet registered, please do so to avoid disappointment




National Child Protection Week is commemorated in South Africa to raise awareness of the rights of children, this year it takes place from the 25th May to the 1st June.  A green ribbon symbolizes the support and awareness of Child Protection.  We encourage you to partner with us and wear your green ribbon for the above dates

Living Hope is dedicating the month of May to Child Protection and bringing awareness and education to schools, churches, parents and to the community

Below are some helpful resources of orgonizations which work in protecting and helping and advocating for children, please feel free to share these as we work together in protecting our children of the future:


The Department of Social Development ensures that a comprehensive network of social development services is provided to enable and empower the poor, vulnerable and those with special needs. They also offer after hours services and placements for children in crisis situations
Cape Town Office Tel: 021 481 9719 or a/h: 071 815 0920 or tollfree: 0800 60 10 11
Southern Suburbs Office Tel: 021 763 6236 or a/h 078 883 7012

False Bay Hospital offers emergency care and assessment of any case of child rape or abuse.  They also are a referral to appropriate services at Red Cross Hospital and Victoria Hospital for forensic examination, offer counselling of children/affected family members and obligatory reporting to Child Protection Unit
Tel: 021 782 1121

South African Police Services are available for report cases of child abuse
Emergency line: 10111
SAPS Ocean View tel: 021 783 8306
SAPS Fish Hoek tel: 021 782 6289
SAPS Muizenberg tel: 021 787 9000
SAPS Cape Town tel: 021 467 8037


ACVV provides psycho social welfare services to children and their families in Chris Nissen Park, Garden Village, Helderzight, Firgrove, Faure, Central Somerset West, Victoria Park and Pinkster Park
Tel: 021 852 2103

CAFDA’s role is to serve the Cape Flats community through restorative support for the entire family and to create educational and social opportunities for the community.
Tel: 021 706 2050

The Child Welfare Society ensures the survival and protection of children at risk. Helping children in crisis situations like abuse, substance abuse, severe neglect, poverty and crime
Tel: 021 638 3127

The Child Care Information Centre handle queries on all matters relation to child care from health t education, child abuse to parent support groups
Tel: 021 689 1519
Address: Red Cross Childrens Hospital, 46 Sawkins Road, Ronderbosch

Child Line offer individual counselling for children
Tel: 0800 55555

Nicro are a youth rehabilitation, national institute for crime prevention.
Tel: 021 462 0017

Ocean View Trauma Centre offer debriefing and short term counselling for victims of crime.
Tel: 076 290 7099

Open Door offer social work/statutory services and counselling.
Tel: 021 712 2330

Rapcan work to precent child abuse. They run awareness raising workshops and a counseling and referral system for both children and families and for adult survivors of incest and child abuse
Tel: 021 448 9034/5
Address: No 28 Lower Main Road, Observatory

UCT Child Guidance Clinic offer counselling for families of children with emotional and behavioural problems. Scholastic and developmental assessments are also carried help
Tel: 021 650 3901


ACVV manages a drop in centre for destitute children in the Helderberg basin
Tel: 021 851 2414

Home from Home offer foster homes throughout the City
Tel: 021 761 1581

Immanuel’s Haven provides a place of protection and love, especially for abused, neglected, abandoned and hurt children
Tel: 021 200 0757

L’Abrie de Dieu is a place of refuge for physically, emotionally and sexually abused women and their children including pregnant women in crisis.
Tel: 021 883 2574

Rainbow of Hope is a place of safety for abandoned and abused children
Tel: 021 591 6610

St Francis Outreach Trust offer foster home in Masiphumelele
Tel: 021 786 5487

Tereo Project offer a place of safety
Tel: 021 851 4005

UThando leKosi offer a place of safety
Tel: 021 713 4342

Village Care Centre offer a Safe House for emergency placements for children for up to 48 hours
Tel: 021 701 8840


Living Hope Serves as an advocate for children in the communities in which it works. A priority of all staff , partners and volunteers is the protection, safety, well being and holistic development of children
Tel: 021 784 2800

Beautiful Gate provide care and support to vulnerable children and families
TEl: 021 370 2500


Sinethemba Special Care support rehabilitation for disabilities awareness support for families, social worker
Tel: 021 785 5389


Arise Children’s Ministries promote and support and adoption and foster care for children without families and we provide quality support through community organisation partnerships.
Tel: 021 633 4320


S-Cape are a Human Trafficking prevention group who empower those most vulnerable for human trafficking with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves and their children


S.T.O.P  promotes a society in which children are nurtured in an environment of sound family values and in which women and children in particular are protected from sexual crime, sexual exploitation, abuse and violence in accordance with their constitutional rights
Tel: 021 715 3216
Fax: 086 696 008

K9 Web Protection is easy-to-use Parental Control and Internet filtering software that helps parents protect their children online
Download the free software and protect your children


Hope 4 Babies offer counselling intervention for women with unwanted pregnancies, support for new mothers, abandoned babies, 24 hour drop box
Tel: 076 116 5403

Pregnancy Helpline Centre provides free pregnancy tests and counseling
Tel: 021 447 3630
Address: Jubilee Community Church, 21 Nelson Road, Observatory


Straatwerk offer information and ministry concerning prostitution
Tel: 021 930 8055


Parkwood Clinic Drug Centre offers counselling and rehabilitation for children abusing substances
Tel: 021 705 0103/4

At our recent Partners Conference in Nashville, TN, John Thomas, our founder and current chairman of Living Hope presented a three part series called ‘God’s heart for the poor and needy’ for those who where not available to attend, we would like to share these sermons with you.  We should hopefully have the audio podcasts available soon.

Part 1: What did Jesus have to say about the poor and needy

Part 2: What do the Old Testament prophets say about the poor and the needy?

Part 3: Will you be a biblical Christian and a biblical church?



Living Hope recently hosted a community wide Open Day on the 29th of March at their Capri campus.  The day included a full kid zone with face painting, jumping castles, carnival games and more.  DJ Stan was streaming music throughout the day and food was available for purchase.


Living Hope once again opened up the day to local schools for a poetry competition around the theme HOPE – A Thing With Feathers.  Students from Fish Hoek Primary, Marine Primary, The Rock Academy and Kommejtie Primary participated.  The poetry competition winners were:

winners 02

1st Place – Adara Aho Gr7 Kommejtie Primary
I’m locked on a tower,
I’ve lost the key,
I’ve lost all power
I’ve lost me.

On this tower y fears compiled,
I’ve forgotten my passion,
My heart gone mild,
I cant defeat the first pain,
Before the second’s half way of my tongue
The third strangles my throat,
The fourth compressing my lung
How can I fight your battle
When I’m losing my war
How can I carry your pain
When I’m buckling at the core
I’ve got my wings; I’ve got my feathers,
How far would I fall,
With all my tethers?
Yet hope comes in, despite my fears
“Please don’t worry, I’m always here”

It destroys my chains,
Sets me free
My hearts not tame
I am me.

It told me to soar
It’ll catch me every time
Fear the ground no more
Ill be fine

If I don’t date fly
Where will I be?
When I could reach the sky
And see all there is to see

Because hope is a things with feathers
Nothing holds it still
No chain, rope or tether
Would fight against His will


2nd Place – Nicole Wicks Gr7 Fish Hoek Primary
Hope is an amazing feeling which keeps a lot of people striving,
It cant be seen or touched but we know its there,
When times are tough and there is not much light,
Hope is the one thing that will always shine bright.

Hope can make a difference,
Hope is a powerful feeling,
It can change the world if we all start believing,
Hope can be in many forms, many ideas and many feelings,

Everybody should have hope,
If everyone stands together hope will rise,
It will rise high and soar off a mountain side,
It can be in dreams, in thoughts, in plans.

Hope can be a graceful butterfly,
Flying across the green grass over a meadow,
Hope can be a dream catcher always reminding s to be one,
To not just stand there but to make a difference and have fun.

Finally hope can be a white dove,
Soaring, flying up high,
The dove perfectly represents hope, faith and peace,
Watching those white feathers pass by.

Never just stand there and wait for hope,
Be positive hope will come, it feels like a dream coming true,
Hope can never change the past,
But hope can definitely change the future for you.


3rd Place – Holly Ringwood Gr6 Kommejie Primary
A mound of ashes brushed aside to reveal a single, glowing coal
The fire has died down, but its not too late to re-ignite now that the flames are gone
A dingle breath of wind from wings of a passing bird igniting a small flame
Carefully butured and looked after, tongues of fire leap into the air
Trying to reach the wings that brought them life and gave them hope
A fire has been reborn and like a phoenix from a flame Hope arises

A single feather drifts towards the ground, then blown away by a gust of wind
Waem thermals of air lifting hearts and birds higher,
Gales determined of blowing them away
And like a swallow determined to fly through the oncoming winds
Hope is never blown away


Tears, rivers, oceans, seas, lakes and streams all forms of what we need the most in life.
Diving down to the bottom of the ocean and then re-surfacing as droplets of water sliding off feathers
Enduring storms out at sea nd days without nourishement
And no matter how wet a Gull can be
Hope is never dampened.

A Sho cast across the earth and a watchful eye upon it too
Making its home in inhospitable places.
Mountains, tall trees and cliffs
So versatile, yet can all fit onto the earth’s surface.
Flying high enough to touch the clouds
And no matter how far away the eagle seems
Hope is never out of reach

And this to me is HOPE – A THING WITH FEATHERS …


Living Hope is grateful to local vendors who donated prizes for the poetry competition winners.  A big thanks to Ratanga Theme Park, Long Beach Mall, Easy Dig Café and Michigan Spur Long Beach.


Living Hope wants to thank the youth of both Valley Christian Church and King of Kings Baptist Church for giving of their time to serve as car washers for the day.


The day offered opportunities to learn more about what Living Hope offers and what is happening in the communities with tours around our facilities.  Living Hope’s mobile health clinic was on site as well for free health screenings which included BMI, blood pressure and sugar tests.


Living Hope is a NGO that seeks to reach people for Christ, bringing hope and breaking the despair of poverty and disease.  Living Hope provides guidance in four ministries; Living Right, Living Care, Living Grace and Living Way – seeking to impact South Africa’s Southern Cape Peninsula with a holistic approach that works to support those both affected and infected by HIV and AIDS, and other chronic diseases – as well as several other contributing factors. For more information on Living Hope services near you, please contact our offices at 0217842800