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* 24 March is World TB Day, South Africa sits with the Worlds highest statistics, 400 out of 100 000 people test positive to TB.

Did you know that Tuberculosis, or TB, kill more young people than any other single infectious disease.  Every minute two children die of TB worldwide.  All children under the age of 5 years, living in a household where there is someone with TB or if they have regular contact with someone with TB should be tested for TB

A cough of two weeks or more, blood-strained sputum, fever, drenching night sweats, loss of appetite, unexplained weight loos, a general feeling of illness and tiredness, shortness of breath, chest pain are symptoms of TB

TB can be cured.  With early diagnosis and the correct medical treatment, TB can be cured.  Speak to your clinic nurse or GP  for more information.

Children can be tested for TB by taking a Montoux test at any local Clinic

Living Hope staff will be out in the communities today bringing awareness and doing TB screening, come and visit us at one of out locations:

* Ocean View clinic

* Masiphumelele Khosa Square

* Red Hill clinic

* Or look for our blue tents in your community

Together lets stop TB in our lifetime

Living Hope recently hosted a community wide Open Day on the 29th of March at their Capri campus.  The day included a full kid zone with face painting, jumping castles, carnival games and more.  DJ Stan was streaming music throughout the day and food was available for purchase.


Living Hope once again opened up the day to local schools for a poetry competition around the theme HOPE – A Thing With Feathers.  Students from Fish Hoek Primary, Marine Primary, The Rock Academy and Kommejtie Primary participated.  The poetry competition winners were:

winners 02

1st Place – Adara Aho Gr7 Kommejtie Primary
I’m locked on a tower,
I’ve lost the key,
I’ve lost all power
I’ve lost me.

On this tower y fears compiled,
I’ve forgotten my passion,
My heart gone mild,
I cant defeat the first pain,
Before the second’s half way of my tongue
The third strangles my throat,
The fourth compressing my lung
How can I fight your battle
When I’m losing my war
How can I carry your pain
When I’m buckling at the core
I’ve got my wings; I’ve got my feathers,
How far would I fall,
With all my tethers?
Yet hope comes in, despite my fears
“Please don’t worry, I’m always here”

It destroys my chains,
Sets me free
My hearts not tame
I am me.

It told me to soar
It’ll catch me every time
Fear the ground no more
Ill be fine

If I don’t date fly
Where will I be?
When I could reach the sky
And see all there is to see

Because hope is a things with feathers
Nothing holds it still
No chain, rope or tether
Would fight against His will


2nd Place – Nicole Wicks Gr7 Fish Hoek Primary
Hope is an amazing feeling which keeps a lot of people striving,
It cant be seen or touched but we know its there,
When times are tough and there is not much light,
Hope is the one thing that will always shine bright.

Hope can make a difference,
Hope is a powerful feeling,
It can change the world if we all start believing,
Hope can be in many forms, many ideas and many feelings,

Everybody should have hope,
If everyone stands together hope will rise,
It will rise high and soar off a mountain side,
It can be in dreams, in thoughts, in plans.

Hope can be a graceful butterfly,
Flying across the green grass over a meadow,
Hope can be a dream catcher always reminding s to be one,
To not just stand there but to make a difference and have fun.

Finally hope can be a white dove,
Soaring, flying up high,
The dove perfectly represents hope, faith and peace,
Watching those white feathers pass by.

Never just stand there and wait for hope,
Be positive hope will come, it feels like a dream coming true,
Hope can never change the past,
But hope can definitely change the future for you.


3rd Place – Holly Ringwood Gr6 Kommejie Primary
A mound of ashes brushed aside to reveal a single, glowing coal
The fire has died down, but its not too late to re-ignite now that the flames are gone
A dingle breath of wind from wings of a passing bird igniting a small flame
Carefully butured and looked after, tongues of fire leap into the air
Trying to reach the wings that brought them life and gave them hope
A fire has been reborn and like a phoenix from a flame Hope arises

A single feather drifts towards the ground, then blown away by a gust of wind
Waem thermals of air lifting hearts and birds higher,
Gales determined of blowing them away
And like a swallow determined to fly through the oncoming winds
Hope is never blown away


Tears, rivers, oceans, seas, lakes and streams all forms of what we need the most in life.
Diving down to the bottom of the ocean and then re-surfacing as droplets of water sliding off feathers
Enduring storms out at sea nd days without nourishement
And no matter how wet a Gull can be
Hope is never dampened.

A Sho cast across the earth and a watchful eye upon it too
Making its home in inhospitable places.
Mountains, tall trees and cliffs
So versatile, yet can all fit onto the earth’s surface.
Flying high enough to touch the clouds
And no matter how far away the eagle seems
Hope is never out of reach

And this to me is HOPE – A THING WITH FEATHERS …


Living Hope is grateful to local vendors who donated prizes for the poetry competition winners.  A big thanks to Ratanga Theme Park, Long Beach Mall, Easy Dig Café and Michigan Spur Long Beach.


Living Hope wants to thank the youth of both Valley Christian Church and King of Kings Baptist Church for giving of their time to serve as car washers for the day.


The day offered opportunities to learn more about what Living Hope offers and what is happening in the communities with tours around our facilities.  Living Hope’s mobile health clinic was on site as well for free health screenings which included BMI, blood pressure and sugar tests.


Living Hope is a NGO that seeks to reach people for Christ, bringing hope and breaking the despair of poverty and disease.  Living Hope provides guidance in four ministries; Living Right, Living Care, Living Grace and Living Way – seeking to impact South Africa’s Southern Cape Peninsula with a holistic approach that works to support those both affected and infected by HIV and AIDS, and other chronic diseases – as well as several other contributing factors. For more information on Living Hope services near you, please contact our offices at 0217842800

Living Hope is having their annual Open Day on Saturday, 29th March 2014 from 09:00 – 14:00 at the Living Hope Facility in Kommetjie Road Capri, Fish Hoek. The day will be packed with fun activities for the whole family, such as games, jumping castles, face painting, live jazz bands, competitions, music and a live DJ. You can also take advantage of our Food Court that will have various fast foods for sale. A dedicated Kids Zone with adult supervision will give your kids the time of their lives.

Your family will also have the opportunity to participate in scheduled tours through our Capri Campus and our Health Care Center to give you an overview of all the services Living Hope offers. A mobile clinic will be available for free health screening such as, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Blood Sugar Testing, Body Mass Index.

Contact Mario at 0732799190

mandela day scrolling banner 2

Living Hope would like to extend a welcome to the community to come join us as we celebrate Mandela Day on July 18!

We invite you to donate 67 minutes of your time as we celebrate the 67 years Nelson Mandela devoted of his life for the service and hope of humanity.  We will have a variety of projects to get involved with for all people of all skill levels.  Come serve for this great day and plug into one of these needed areas: MAINTENANCE – help with projects such as gardening beds, painting reveals, removing rubble and varnishing.  CLEANING – help with things like washing walls, windows, doors and room organization.  HEALTH CARE CENTER – help serve tea and lunch to patients, clean up wheelchairs and sand and varnish furniture.  FIELD OF HOPE – help clean up and provide maintenance on our new land. PRAYER WALK – join other volunteers and the staff of Living Hope as we walk and pray for the campus and land that God has entrusted to us.

So how do you get involved?  Simply report for service at the Living Hope Main Campus in Capri on Mandela Day, July 18th between 10am -3pm and make yourself available for 67 minutes of service.  If you have tools that can help with any of the projects bring them along and be ready to use them.

The Living Hope Capri campus is located on Kommetjie Rd in Capri across from the Sunny Acres shopping centre and Food Zone.  For more information contact Mario on 021 784 2800 or 073 279 9190.

We look forward to seeing you and having you join in on this great celebration of service and hope!!

Hi to all our wonderful partners,

I trust you all have had a wonderful Christmas and that 2013 will be a year of God’s grace to you and that you will know Him pouring out His Spirit over you in amazing ways.

Thank-you for your ongoing love and support.  You have no idea how much you mean to us.  We don’t share our gratefulness to you often enough but we honestly could not continue the work in South Africa without you.  There is no doubt in my mind that the USA churches, teams, volunteers and giving have become a critical cornerstone of what the Lord is doing in Cape Town.  We are humbled by your generosity and partnership.  Thank-you to each one and to each church who gave sacrificially to us and for all the other ways in which you have supported us.

It is our Annual Partners Conference time soon.  We have kept you regularly informed as to the dates in a number of emails and now it is time to register.   I really hope that you will be able to do everything in your power to be with us in Nashville at Brentwood Baptist Church from the 25th – 26th February.  It is going to be an exciting time as we bring a significant group from South Africa to be with you all and update you on what God is doing.  We are going to have some great live reports from Managers who can’t be at the conference via Skype.  We think we are getting better and better at this each year and I promise you a wonderful informative and God inspired time.  I cannot emphasise how important it is for you to be there.  If you are possibly planning on visiting Living Hope this year – then in my book it is a must to be there.

In addition we will be giving you some fantastic news on the Living Hope movie and some sneak preview cuts of it which will blow your mind and make you cry!  You don’t want to miss this.

I would love for you to bring your missions and senior pastor as I long to engage with them about what I have learnt from Scripture about ministry to the poor and needy and about Mission’s mobilisation.  There will also be Living Hope Books, CD and T-shirt sales!

On a personal note, thank-you to many of you who have prayed for me and my health situation. It has not been an easy time for Avril and I but we have been conscious of your support in interest and prayers.  Your Facebook messages have encouraged me no end through this time.  I am still struggling somewhat healthwise but am happy to say that I am progressing bit by bit.

I look forward to seeing all of you at what promises to be a momentous Partners Conference next month.

Your friend and grateful partner in Christ

John V Thomas


If you want to see the items we will have on sale, click here

** On a personal note:

On a personal note, thank-you to many of you who have prayed for me and my health situation. It has not been an easy time for Avril and I but we have been conscious of your support in interest and prayers.  Your Facebook messages have encouraged me no end through this time.  I am still struggling somewhat healthwise but am happy to say that I am progressing bit by bit.


** How to register

To register click here . Costs are $100 per person attending.


** Watch this space

We will be supplying you a link to download the reports prior to the conference, so watch this space!

Living Hope has the desire and vision to expand its ministry and programmes into other parts of South Africa, even Africa, and to extend its global support base. The realisation of this dream is beginning to materialise. Living Hope’s trustees (both international and South African) approved the creation of the position of a Development Director and a Development Department.

Opportunities for growth and expansion are emerging – from the imminent opening of a new Living hope Branch in Gonubie (East London), to opportunities in Zimbabwe and Kenya; to our registration as a charitable corporation in England.

The Development Department will have a two-fold purpose: one is to develop ways to acquire new resources for the organisation (mainly fundraising); and the other is to lead the development of new programmes in new sites – particularly in other parts of Africa. This department is separately funded by overseas donors and does not cost Living Hope, Cape Town anything extra.

In line with this vision and initiative we are happy to announce the appointment of Carl Queiros, (left) as the new Development Director for Living Hope (International) and to welcome him and his family to Living Hope!  Carl Queiros is a specialist in programme design and development and has extensive experience in resource development. Most recently Carl was the Development Director for Habitat for Humanity, Africa and the Middle East. Prior to Habitat he was with Mercy Ships in the United Kingdom as the Public Relations and Communications Director. Before that he was with Scripture Union. Carl comes to us with nearly 20 years of experience in the development and Christian ministry sector. He committed his life to the Lord 22 years ago, is married to Dorothy and has two daughters – Rozanna and Rebecca.

Carl will mainly be based in Pretoria, travel to potential new Living Hope projects sites in Africa, as well regularly spend time in Cape Town. Initially, the Development Department will just be made up of Carl as staff, but there are a growing number of volunteers and partners globally that will network with Carl in resource and programme development; and staff in other ministries and departments will assist the Development Department/Carl in this role. As time progresses, opportunities and the budget allows, the Development Department will grow in staff, size and scope.

As a main component of his job is to raise funds for us, we are confident that you will find that Carl is going to be a blessing to all of us in Cape Town.  On behalf of the Trustees and staff of Living Hope, we welcome him on board and we trust that he will have a wonderful ministry within Living Hope.




After a six year process, Living Hope has earned a two-year COHSASA accreditation. The Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa (COHSASA) assists a range of healthcare facilities in Southern Africa to meet and maintain quality standards.

“This is an extensive audit of the entire organization, its structure, governance, systems, procedures and policies.   It focuses on all things medical and is a survey and audit of our entire medical processes, practices, policies and procedures,” explains Living Hope founder and chairman of the Board,” John Thomas.

“It brings the highest possible level of credibility to the organisation.  We hope that this will lead to possible ’twinning’ with other Health Care organisations across the world,” said Thomas.

Peter Hawksley, General Manager of Operations, agrees, “It legitimizes the organization as a Palliative Care organization. It focuses on the care side, but definitely, there’s a spillover into other areas. This has helped Living Hope spearhead its quality care programs in all ministries.”

The accreditation application began under the late Prof. Barbara Robertson (first Manager of Living Hope and Sr. Rene Bates.  Former Living Care General Manager Leigh Snyman drove the accreditation process involving the Heath Care Centre, Home Based Care and Community Care Workers. The medical work was carried on by the various managers of Living Care and the trustees, who worked hard to ensure all the governance policies and structures were in place, explained Thomas.

Additionally, Hospice Palliative Care Association (HPCA) mentored and supported Living Hope staff throughout the entire accreditation process.  “We would not have this accreditation without HPCA, no doubt about it,” said Hawksley.

Living Hope also recently earned quality accreditation in their Worker Readiness training (SETA) and working with international Child Protection agency, VIVA.

Living Hope is grateful to the staff and Trustees who worked diligently to achieve this high level of accreditation.






John Thomas, our founder and current chairman, has been in the USA for the past week visiting with partner churches and speaking at various meetings. He is currently in Washington DC and is meeting with 2 US Congressman and 2 US Senators regarding continued funding for Living Hope.

We are so thankful to the Lord for the doors He opens and for His constant provision to Living Hope and thank you to all our wonderful friends for your continued partnership and prayers.

(see here, John Thomas with US Congressman, Hal Rogers, Chairman of the Budget and Appropriations Committee)

Over the years many volunteers and teams have asked about Living Hope clothing. We are pleased to announce that we now have an online store! When purchasing our products, you are supporting our ministry. Thank you!

We have branded clothing, a wonderful coffee table book and CD which features the Masi choir with Michael W. Smith, Casting Crowns and Jars of Clay.

All products are shipped from Atlanta in the USA.

Order HERE.

Over the years many volunteers and teams have asked about Living Hope clothing. We are pleased to announce that we now have an online store! When purchasing our products, you are supporting our ministry. Thank you!

We have branded clothing, a wonderful coffee table book and CD which features the Masi choir with Michael W. Smith, Casting Crowns and Jars of Clay.

All products are shipped from Atlanta in the USA.

For more information and to order click the link below: