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ride for recovery

The month of October has been deemed Ocsober, where South Africans and all those around the world are being asked to quit drinking for the month, as part of a campaign to raise awareness about alcohol abuse. Living Hope understand first hand the devastating effects alchohol abuse can have on an individual and family, because of this we created a Ride for Recovery event, where we take to the roads to raise funds and awareness of our Recovery Programme.

Ride for Recovery started in 2010 and has been an annual fundraising event for Living Hope’s Recovery Programme. The ride has always been marked with an enjoyable morning out with kindred spirits of the biker kind and every year the friendship circle grows bigger and bigger.

On 26th October 2014 in keeping with the theme of OCT-SOBER we will ride again. Many of us will know someone or know of someone who has been impacted by drunk driving, a terrible scourge in SA. In honour and memory of these people some who have passed on others who live with life crippling injuries we honour them with this ride. How appropriate that the proceeds raised will go to a Substance Abuse Recovery Programme.

Do diarize the date and join with us!

Meeting Venue : Blue Bottle Parking Area in Muizenberg

Time: 7:30am

Date: 26th October 2014.

Donation : R100 per person.

Destination : The Beach Restaurant in Kleinmond

Route: Baden Powel Drive to N2. N2 to Engen 1 stop (toilet break) on to Gordons Bay turn off (turn right) to Clarens Drive. Clarens Drive to Koggelbay (bum break and sight see hopefully there will be whales) Koggelbay to Kleinmond for brunch (your own cost).

All motorcycles and scooters welcome. THIS IS A RIDE NOT A RACE!

So here’s praying for great weather and looking forward to seeing you there.

For more information : Contact Samantha 021 788 9702 (office hours)

Peter Lovick writes,

At Living Hope’s Recovery Programme the morning discussion topic with our clients was on Heritage. The question was asked what is a heritage? Someone in the group responded with,” it is something you receive from the past you did not earn….like an “ in-heritance”. This sparked lots of lively interesting discussion.

It was noted that we have a great heritage in South Africa with many things to be very proud of and that in every culture there are the “giants” who left us an inheritance of good values and traditions. ( E.g. Achbishop Tutu and Madiba)
This then led to the comment does your heritage define who you are? It was agreed, in many instances yes, one can recognise a person who speaks English with a Greek accent and who loves Greek food as a Greek person. Following this line of the discussion found the group asking so what kind of heritage are we leaving the coming generations? Gangsterism, Women abuse, Alcoholism, Drug abuse, Prostitution, Child abuse and neglect…. the discussion became very sombre and reflective.

Then almost in a whisper someone said, “that’s why I am here, to change what I have received and to leave something better for the future.” Like a ripple in a pond the individuals lifted their heads and said me too, me too, me too….

I thank God that there is a place like Living Hope’s Recovery Programme where people can find deliverance from the past and become new creations in Christ Jesus (II Cor 5:17). Where the chains of addiction and old negative behaviour gives way to peace, joy, love forgiveness and hope.

We hope you enjoy a very happy healthy Heritage Day, have a great braai too. If you have a good Heritage stop for a moment and give thanks and if you don’t perhaps you too will join us at Living Hope’s Recovery Programme to make a new start on a better future.

God bless!

broken heart

Bennie came to Living Hope’s Recovery Programme as so many do feeling and looking as though the world had given him a thorough beating. Head down, not a hint of a smile looking the picture of abject failure and hopelessness.

The volunteers and staff were concerned that Bennie had come to Living Hope in the period before closure for the Christmas Holidays and many of us doubted that we would see him again after reopening in January 2014. To our absolute delight he was one of the first to arrive announcing very proudly that he was still clean and sober and that this was the first Christmas and New Year that he could remember being clean and sober and even going to church. We all congratulated him and there were others too who had really made a huge effort in a time of severe temptation and we give God all the Glory.

Later in the day Pastor Raymond Bowman the programme counsellor was sharing from the bible and explained the way of salvation in Jesus Christ. Suddenly Bennie blurted out the words,” that it, thats it, I gotta to do that”! Ray stopped and said,” what are you saying”? Bennie responded sharing that he had felt a strange feeling inside of him that he could not understand he felt it getting stronger every time he attended church and could not understand what was going on but was too scared to share with anyone. But suddenly it all made sense to him and he said it again, Pastor Ray, thats it, I know I gotta do this”.

The following moments were most sacred as Bennie knelt down and the other clients made a circle around him and Raymond led him to Jesus praying the sinners prayer.
As Ray, shared this with me I thought how lovely to start 2014 in this way. We thank God for the privilege to be able to share our faith and to have the special experience to see people respond to the gospel.

Bennie is visibly changed. In Living Hope’s Recovery Programme we say he has his head up again. I believe what he did would have made a very special impact on all other clients in that class that day.
Thank you to all who support this programme faithfully in prayer – God is at work in Living Hope’s Recovery Programme and is hearing and answering prayer. To Him be all the Glory!

*not his real name

Our ministry is constantly blessed in that we are able to be a part of the greater story of God working in the lives of individuals like Bridgette. Take a few minutes to read her powerful written testimony and celebrate with us the power of God’s grace and redemption.

Psalm 107:2 reads, “Let the redeemed of the LORD tell their story— those he redeemed from the hand of the foe,”


Ride for Recovery

Ride clean, ride free..

Ride for Recovery is a Living Grace initiative engaging the biker community of the Western Cape to join forces to create a breakfast ride to celebrate recovery by raising money to help support donations for their Substance Abuse Recovery Programme.

Ride for Recovery Breakfast Run starts on 17 November 2013 beginning at 7am in Muizenberg, the ride will take you around the Peninsular ending at Living Hope in Capri.  The cost is R100 per person and includes breakfast and coffee.

The Living Grace Recovery Programme provides a 6 week out-patient recovery programme, free of charge to clients. The following services are offered: Seminars & workshops, Counseling for individuals and families, Out-Patient Treatment Programme and After-care Services.

Living Grace is one of the ministries of Living Hope that reaches out to the homeless as well as to people with substance abuse issues. Substance abuse and addiction is a huge factor in the social ills of South African society. A Bible based recovery programme is helping people find healing and recovery through the word of God.

For more information, please contact Living Grace on +27 (0) 21 788 9702

Or you can email:


Living Grace* is hosting a “Ride for Recovery Breakfast Run” on 13 April 2013 beginning at 7 a.m in Muizenberg, the ride will take you around the Peninsular ending at Living Hope in Capri.  The cost is R100 per person and includes  breakfast and coffee. All funds raised will benefit the substance abuse recovery programme at Living Grace.

For more information call 021 788 9702 or email

*Living Grace is a ministry of Living Hope and is focused on reaching out to the Homeless and the Addicted.

The Homeless ministry provides help in the form of daily meals, locker storage, shower and laundry and a clothing shop to people.  Spiritual help is a significant focus.  CLients also receive access to social service, medical care and opportunities for employment and accommodation.

A major issue in driving poverty and AIDS is Substance Abuse.  The Substance Abuse program offers outpatient rehabilitation to clients in all the areas we serve.  The program is based on a “road to recovery” model.

It is important to note that Living Grace does not charge for any of its services and relies solely on donor support to continue to offer a helping hand to those in desperate circumstances.

Thanks so much for your support this year.


The first annual Ride to Recovery took place on a beautiful Saturday. On November 17th, area bikers joined together at Food Love’s Market in Tokai where they rode a stunning 2 hour route around the peninsula. They viewed several Living Hope communities and finished the ride at Living Hope offices in Capri. The riders were treated to a light brunch, served by Living Grace staff and clients. All funds raised benefited Living Grace. Peter Lovick, General Manager of Living Grace, is an avid biker, especially for a great cause.

Her name is Didi (not her real name), she is of Indian descent is  softly spoken and is one of those people who just blend into a crowd. A few weeks ago she came up to my office and said that she urgently needed to speak to me as what I said in the devotions had touched her deeply. She sat down and shared with me an amazing story. Being a reserved type of person she would often be taken “hostage” by dominant men who would use and abuse her. One group  forced her into being a drug mule and she was caught and arrested in Brazil and served 5 years in a Brazilian jail. On release, she was sent back to SA and landed in the Cape with nothing and no one. True to the pattern of her past she was “befriended” by a Xhosa man who again began the physical and verbal abuse. A few months later she found that she was pregnant. A little boy was born and the abuse got worse and worse.

One day, the boyfriend came home and beat Didi. He then demanded that she take that piece of (expletive) pointing to the baby and get out and never come back. In total shock and in considerable pain she gathered up the baby’s things put some of her clothes in a plastic bag and left the house. She does not know how she got to Muizenberg.

The next day, Michael, one of the MID street cleaners found her and the baby sitting on the pavement both crying. He sat down next to them and asked what was wrong? After hearing about being thrown out of the house Michael said that she should come to Living Grace, “They would help her.” Joan and the staff were truly magnificent.

Not only did they put a food parcel together but Michael bought nappies out of his own pocket, Mary Anne bought a tin of power milk for the baby and Josephine said she would take her to her church Pastor in Capricorn to ask for help with accommodation. The Pastor took her in to his own home and our staff continued to support her and the baby with milk and nappies. Didi has been an amazing volunteer and nothing too much for her. She is a real star as a very dependable capable volunteer.  She is thoroughly delightful to have around.

As she shared the story with me, I was truly amazed and deeply touched by the sacrificial actions of my staff. I had no idea they were helping out of their own meagre incomes. She then stopped speaking and quietly sat and just looked at me. After a good number of seconds, she said,  “I never intended to tell you my whole sorry story I just wanted to ask you to lead me to Jesus. What I have heard and what I have seen here makes me realise I need to have Jesus in my life.” A very special moment followed, a moment many of us in ministry cherish.

Didi has remained an excellent volunteer and there are many more of us now who help with nappies and milk for her 9month old little boy. Didi is a very bright and loving mommy and is able to speak five languages which include, English, Afrikaans, Portuguese, Spanish and German.

The Pastor has offered her some land to build a small bungalow (shack) in a safe place and she is now trying to find some building material so she can move out of a very congested house and be on her own. Michael and the street cleaners have promised to help her build the bungalow.

If anyone can help with either building material or employment please let me know. I will gladly recommend this lady and would love to see her being able to provide for herself and her little boy.

I am also very humbled and “proud” of our Living Grace staff and street cleaners. God is at work here at Living Grace to Him be all the Glory!

-written by Peter Lovick, Living Grace General Manager

Living Grace is a place of refuge, restoration and recovery.