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Living Hope’s ministry programs are purposefully designed to be a part of a (w)holistic approach to our vision of seeking to reach people for Christ, bringing hope and breaking the despair of poverty and disease. Many times the first connection a person has to us might be the opening God is using to allow them access to the greater and broader healing our family of programs offer.

One such starting place for many is through our Health Care Centre. A 22-bed facility on our main campus it is foundational to our work and was the early catalyst for much of what Living Hope is today. For one man battling HIV and other illness our Health Care Centre was the starting point as he sought physical treatment and care. Henry’s story, like many we serve, is one of addiction, despair and very real loss. A drug addict for a number of years he has seen his marriage struggle and his health deteriorate to a desperately alarming level. As he was cared for and loved on by our Centre staff the Lord began to lead and guide him in the need to understand more about Jesus. As our staff supported that process for Henry he began to clearly realize his need for God’s grace in his life and committed his life to the Lord. Jess Ollis, social worker in the Health Care Centre shares about the change that took place following this commitment; “It truly was a rebirth as we saw a lot of negativity die away and a new positive and more hopeful future be born. His attitude with staff improved drastically as did his overall demeanor and outlook”.

While we celebrate the eternal healing that has taken place, our staff continues to work to a day that Henry will be able to leave our Centre. We know for the continued support he needs, both with his health and addiction, Living Hope’s (w)holistic approach is designed to help answer the call. Whether it be through follow up care in our substance abuse recovery program or through our chronic disease support groups our focus is to utilize the strength of our family of programs to return hope where hope was once lost.

Will you become a MOMMA today?

Living Hope is excited to launch our new Ministry of Monthly Medical Angels (MOMMA) program! Right now our healthcare center is experiencing extreme financial challenges as we cope with funding changes. This ministry is vital to our mission and we are asking for your help. For only $45 a month you can become a MOMMA and help support this incredible ministry.

We hope to get 300 partners who are willing to become MOMMA’s and sign up for the next 12 months and beyond. To sign up to become a MOMMA click here.

Since Mother’s Day is this month, in May we will be highlighting all the angels who are a part of this ministry. Please watch and share with your friends the video below from John Thomas, Chairman and Founder of Living Hope.


Eight years ago today Living Hope opened its Health Care Centre – then called a Hospice.  1500 plus people have stayed there since then and been ministered to with Christian compassion and dignity.  Many have gone into eternity from that building and others have gone home far better than when they arrived.  We praise God for all our faithful staff over the years and their care for the patients, for our donors and the US and SA government who have contributed to the running costs. (You can buy a Christmas tree light in honour of one of those patients). While we have no more funding for it at this stage from about April next year, we do know One who is able to help us meet all our needs according to His riches.  To God be the glory for all He has done.


On Friday, our Health Care Centre officially received the recognition they earned from COHSASA . The Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa (COHSASA) assists a range of health care facilities in Southern Africa to meet and maintain quality standards. COHSASA recognized the Health Care Centre with a two-year accreditation certificate.

Our Heath Care Centre and carers are among the elite in the health care industry. This two-year accreditation verifies the excellence in quality that we are able to provide our clients. The process spanned six years and could not be possible without their time, energy and passion. Well done!

In addition to the COHSASA accreditation, our Health Care Centre also earned a 5-star recognition from the Hospice Palliative Care Association. Congratulations Living Care on your well earned accreditation.

COHSASA Chief Operating Manager presents Sandy Lovick, Living Care General Manager and John Thomas, Living Hope Founder and Chairman of the Board, with the COHSASA accreditation plaque.