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Living Hope’s amazing Life Skills Educators were out under the able leadership of our wonderful Avril Thomas at 07h00 on Friday morning handing out leaflets and Green ribbons to promote Child Protection week and to inform the community around us about what Living Hope does to protect vulnerable children.  We encourage you to join us this week (28th May – 3rd June) by wearing a green ribbon in recognition of the right children have to be protected.
Below are some photos of the morning.

Meagan Daniels, our Lifeskills Educator in Capricorn & Overcome Heights shares news from the recent Holiday Clubs:

This past week of altered Holiday Clubs (with early childhood development morning ministry and Kids/Teens afternoon club) was fabulous. Specifically, the Teen Afternoon program was a way to do things that we don’t normally focus on in Afternoon Club.

We took the opportunity to do a sports and art emphasis. Using the Mission Travel Team fromAustralia, we conducted sports drills and active games. At the same time, anyone not interested in the sporting aspect were offered art lessons with a Biblical emphasis.

The theme for the week was ‘We are one body with many parts.’  The Biblical devotion on Romans 8:28 and 1 Cor 12:14-31 tied into the theme, making the point that all things work together for God’s glory! The teens learnt artistic methods of using tiny pieces of paper to make one large picture, called a mosaic. The next day they built on that lesson and included artistic styles of pointillism, and forms of line drawing where all strokes are small; therefore, all methods focused on all the small strokes making one large, beautiful picture. With soft, soothing music in the background, the teens showed great concentration and interest in doing a ‘lesson’ in a creative and new way!

The whole week was exciting and a fresh way to communicate Biblical truth and actively help teens to see their place in God’s big picture! 

In March our Capricorn and Overcome Life Skill Educators along with a visiting team from Shades Mountain held Community Outreaches in the Capricorn and  Overcome Communities. 

It was a wonderful opportunity to present the gospel of Christ to the community as a drama about Easter. 

Easter Drama

The children were able to have their face-painted, play games and relays, partake in crafts and have the gospel explained in a simple way.

Capricorn youth with his craft hat

 We were able to serve a total of 200 people at the Capricorn outreach and 125 people at the Overcome outreach.  Both communities welcomed us and we were able to say they both went really well.

Please continue to partner with us in prayer for our Life Skill Educators who work and serve the communities spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

Mens Outreach

On the 6th of March, the new men’s outreach program was addressed to the men of Living Hope. We wanted to get feedback from these men to see what reasons they had for why men out in the communities do not access the free clinics to get tested. We had a handful of questions asked about why its important to access healthcare to how often do you personally access healthcare. Then we had them come up with solutions to fix these problems. It was all about brainstorming and getting their opinions heard. We talked about the worldly view of men and ended with God’s view of men. The feedback received from this first brainstorming meeting was very good.

Below are a few of our men at the brainstorming session.


Mens Outreach

Our Life Skill Education program depends heavily on funding from our D.A.D. campaign (for more information on how to become a D.A.D, pleaes see below) now let us introduce you to our wonderful Life Skills Educators who are able to serve the children and teens in the CAPRICORN and OVERCOME HEIGHTS areas because of your partnership with us.


(From top down: Stacey, Meagen, Eliza, Shelby, Ilana and Jenifer)