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The Life Skills Education Programme work with children and teens in impoverished and challenging home-circumstances in 6 different different communities to bring hope and to show God’s love. Through the various programmes offered the children have a place to feel at home and loved, the South African schools get to learn about Biblical Principles and AIDS Prevention, and it helps to provide godly male and father role models in the communities.

This all gives our communities hope in Christ, helps to build the children with Christ-honoring values and helps to reach South Africa for the Lord. The programmes offered include afternoon children and teens clubs, holiday clubs, school and preschool ministry and parenting workshops to name a few.

The Life Skills program depends on funding from our D.A.D. campaign. So we need you to partner with us to help raise support for this programme.

“Would you be willing to play the fatherly role through the sponsorship of the Life Skills Program and effectively allow these children to have some form of fatherly input through our very dedicated staff? I want to ask you to commit yourself NOW to this program.”  John V Thomas, Chairman and Founder of Living Hope.

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Chris and his sister are active kids in our afternoon club at Ocean View. One day while playing with friends at the lake near a building site in Ocean View Chris fell in and hit his head on a rock. A lady walking past witnessed the event and pulled him from the lake to start doing CPR. She eventually revived him and took him to the clinic where he lost consciousness again. The paramedics worked on him for two hours before they were able to get a steady pulse and rushed him to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

During this traumatic time our Life Skills Educators supported the family with food parcels and emotional support as they constantly checked in with the family to see how they were doing over the weeks to follow. Chris’ granny also thanked Living Hope for the many prayers that were a great support to her family. Furthermore, Living Hope connected the family with social workers to assist the family on any legal matters pertaining to the incident.

Chris has now made a full recovery and he and his sisters still attend club today. We were so glad that we could support the family spiritually and emotionally in their time of need. Because of the generosity of others who become a #LivingHopeDAD we are able to be active in life events of our children and respond in love during tragedy. Become a financial partner by going clicking here

Chris' granny came to thank Living Hope for assisting her family

Chris’ granny came to thank Living Hope for assisting her family

The community of Ocean View

The community of Ocean View

Our Life Skills programs brings hope to literally thousands of children and families every year. And we do it all by the donations of individuals.

This Black Friday we are hosting our annual Face-a-thon with the goal of getting 100 NEW DAD’s over the course of 12 hours. Our Dollar-A-Day (DAD) supporters are key to keeping this program going strong by giving just $31 a month.

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Over 790 teens and children from around the Southern Peninsula spent their July school holidays in a classroom of a different sort, the Living Hope Holiday Club.

This time of year is always looked forward to explained Life Skills Educator Justin Hendricks. “Holiday Club is one of those events that a Life Skills Educator cannot wait for due to the excitement of the kids. One day as I was walking to work from my house I entered the Capricorn area and got some kids along the way. They were already on their way to our programme at 07:30 and the programme only started at 09:00! This showed me the excitement the kids had for Holiday Club.”

Each year themes are chosen for Holiday Clubs based on prominent Bible verses and stories that can be personally applied. Curriculum Coordinator Danielle Schneider explained that this year two themes were chosen.

“This year for Holiday Club we spent the first week focusing on the Greatest Commandment found in Luke 10:27, love God and love your neighbour. Then we spent the second and third weeks looking at the life of Paul and applying positive characteristics to our own lives. Things like being a positive team player, humility, and having a good attitude.”

Children and teens explore these themes through songs, Bible stories, games, and crafts and they always get to enjoy a sandwich and a piece of fruit. While it’s easy to think the kids just show up for the fun, Hendricks believes that the programme makes a real difference in their spiritual lives. “While walking with them [early that morning] most had memorised the memory verse. This is a really good thing because they have taken in what was taught and don’t just come for the fun and games, but to learn something as well.”

Regular life skills clubs have now resumed during the school term with alternating days catering to teens and children. Living Hope hosts these clubs in Red Hill, Ocean View, Masiphumelele, Capricorn and Overcome Heights and welcomes new children to come any time. For more information about these and other life skills programmes call Living Hope on 021 784 2800.


May is Child Protection Month in South Africa – the goal for Child Protection Month is to promote the culture of respect for children’s rights thus ensuring that all children grow up in an environment that is safe from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

We have a saying at Living Hope – “It’s better to build a whole child than to mend a broken man”

Our Life Skill Educators work with children on a daily basis – reaching over 5000 children every year through afternoon clubs, holiday clubs (VBS), numeracy & literacy tutoring, life orientation classes at Primary Schools, early childhood education in pre-schools, abstinence based programmes, leadership development and teens and college health outreaches.

We want every child to know that God loves them, that He created them with a plan and a purpose and that their current situation does not need to determine their future. Our family strengthening programmes are aimed at working with a child in need as well as their whole family – offering parenting workshops or talks, fatherhood programs and mothercare groups for mothers with new babies.

Will you help us? Will you join us in PROTECTING our children?

We are looking for 1000 people to donate $1 per day to our DAD program inorder to keep our Life Skill Education program going – Without our Life Skill Educators we cannot achieve the above – will you help us?

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You can help us by praying for the children of South Africa too – pray for protection from sexual exploitation, child labour, child pornography, child trafficking, physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect

Jesus says in Matthew 18 vs 5 “And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.”


Below is a little story of how giving to our Dollar-A-Day (DAD) program is directly impacting the lives of kids in the communities in which Living Hope works. We thank all our DAD supporters for their faithful and generous giving!

Vanessa (name changed) comes from the community of Mountain View and is one of six (6) kids in her family. Like many, she comes from a female headed household as her father left the family when she was young. As she and her twin sister began their involvement in the Mountain View kids clubs our Life Skill Educators began to build a relationship with them and understand some of the challenges they faced. With many things lacking in their lives, food was constantly one of them. At the age of 13, Vanessa took on many family responsibilities including working small weekend jobs to help put food on the table for the family. But in the midst of all these challenges her prioritization of her school work didn’t waiver as she continued to pursue her education.

As her mother grew sick and her responsibilities increased she reached out to our Life Skill Educators to talk. At the time she didn’t even have a uniform for school, but our Life Skills staff was able to help and secured uniforms, stationary and other items for her and several siblings. As food was a constant struggle she also asked for left over sandwiches for their family’s supper which staff was able to provide.

As our staff continued to work with Vanessa and encourage her, she began to volunteer at our holiday clubs. Unfortunately, life was still difficult as her mother remained ill and she had responsibilities of weekend work and care of her siblings. As she contemplated dropping out of school to ease some of the burden her mother called our Life Skill Educators for support. As our staff rallied around her they were able to continue to encourage her, to love her, to pray with her and to let her know that a network of support was behind her.

In 2013, we all celebrated as she became our first teen from the Mountain View community to matriculate (graduate) high school with a bachelor’s degree giving her the marks needed to continue her studies at the next level! In understanding the walk God has had with her through these tough times Vanessa is first volunteering at a Christian camp in order to give back before looking at her next step of studying to become a social worker.

We are so proud of Vanessa and blessed to have been a part of the successful journey she is on.

With loud gospel music blaring from the pastor’s bakkie (truck), teens in the community of Overcome Heights excitedly took part in an community outreach. They distributed flyers, inviting teens in neighboring Capricorn to a youth event on Friday. One teen in particular enthusiastically joined in spreading the invitation.   He has since invited several friends who now also attend club. This outreach gave the Overcome youth a reason to spend time together and serve together.

Overcome Heights has developed into exciting possibilities. Life Skills Educator, Enrico, is excited about his opportunity to mentor teen guys in Overcome.  Enrico and the Life Skills Educators have been focusing on dealing with the boys and girls questions separately, rather than in a co-ed environment. “This has opened up new ways of relating to the guys, says Enrico. They speak to me differently, they want to spend more time together. They want more than just club. Now they want to come visit me at home and play soccer with me on Saturdays.”

Please pray for our Life Skills Educators Meagan, Stacey, Ilana, Enrico, Roger, Holden and Ivan  as they work daily with the kids and teens in Capricorn and Overcome Heights.


*photo Kat Stahl

Masi Life Skills Educator  Desmond Hangana has been voted the Community Hero for the month of October. Longbeach Mall votes each month to recognize people who are making a difference in their community.

Desmond was nominated for this honor by Christina Quist, Living Hope volunteer, in recognition for his heart and leadership in working with the teens in Masi.Desmond receives a R500 gift card from Longbeach Mall and had the opportunity to choose a charity of his choice who would also receive a R500 gift card. from the mall. Desmond chose Living Right, a ministry that forms part of Living Hope.
Photo: We are happy to announce that Desmond Hangana has been voted as your Community Hero for the month of October. Desmond is a 25 year old man who works with Living Hope, specifcally the teens who live in Masi. He teaches them about making good choices, often using his own life decisions as examples of what not to do. He goes into homes to visit with the families of the teens he mentors. He seeks to provide for their physical needs, doing whatever he can to channel resources to his teens. </p><p>Kevin and Christina go on to say that Desmond does not have access to a lot of financial wealth, but he is present and there for the teens. He shows them love by not just showing up once a week, or once a month and leaving. He is there - Everyday! He lives in the community, he builds their dreams, shows them choices and does so at the expense of his own. He may not have his own NGO, but he does what the NGO's can't. He lets the teens use him as a foot stool, to step up, to get a glimpse of what could be. There is no recognition for him, just the knowledge that he is making a difference.</p><p> Our Hero, Desmond receives a R500 gift card from Longbeach Mall and had the opportunity to choose a charity of his choice who would also receive a R500 gift card. from the mall. Desmond choice Living Right a ministry that forms part of Living Hope.

Since  we  started  teens  team, it  has  been  very  unusual  to find  that it was mostly  boys  who  were  committed  to attending Teens Club.   It  was evident that the boys  were enjoying spending time with their male leaders who  are  filling  that  gap of  a  father  figure. We  cannot  run  away from the  fact  that   our  community  is  dominated by  father figures  who are  irresponsible, who  don’t  associate  themselves  with  their  child’s upbringing and as  a result  many  boys   are  on  the  look  out  for   fathers  who  show  interest in them  as  well.   Unfortunately  this  does  not  always   produce  good  results;  some men  abuse  these  young  boys  trust  by  involving  them in drugs and  other  unacceptable  behaviours.


Since  Noxolo Mokson, our  legacy  member  joined the Teens Club we  have  seen girls  getting  more  interested  in club. Noxolo  is  still young and familiar with the challenges faced by young  girls  and she is able to influence them with her  amazing  testimony  and able to set  a trend  among   her  peers  into  living  the  life  that  pleases  God.   She  has  taught  other  girls  about  the best ways  of  overcoming  loneliness without  indulging in  stuff like  alcohol and negative  peer  pressure .   1 Timothy 4 verse  12  says : “Don’t  let  anyone look down on you because  you  are  young, but  set an  example  for  the believers in  speech, in life, in love, in  faith and  in  purity.”   We  are  very  proud of  having  young  people who  are  willing to  live  a life that is pleasding to God and commit to abstain from sex until marriage.


God took the strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,
The generous soul of nature,
The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages,
The power of the eagles flight,
The joy of a morning in spring,
The faith of a mustard seed,
The patience of eternity,
The depth of a family need,
Then God combined these qualities,
When there was nothing more to add,
He knew his masterpiece was complete,
And so, He called it … Dad
Author Unknown

A beautiful poem, written for an amazing Dad …. But the reality for so
many children who Living Hope encounters on a day to day basis through
our Life Skills Program, is this coming Father’s Day, many children
will wake up in their homes with no Dad. In the area in which we work
less than 20% of children live with both their mother and father .
Living Hope Life Skill Educators are the ones who often play the
fatherly role to the fatherless in our community.

This Fathers Day why not sign up for our DAD program and know that you
will be making a difference in the lives of children who have not had
the privilege of having a loving father. For as little as $1 per day,
you can sign up online for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months and we will email you
a gift certificate which you can give to your Dad this Father’s Day
and know, that you have made a difference to a fatherless child.

“Would you be willing to play the fatherly role through the
sponsorship of the Life Skills Program and effectively allow these
children to have some form of fatherly input through our very
dedicated staff? I encourage you to commit yourself to this program.”
John V Thomas, Chairman and Founder of Living Hope.

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