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Living Hope is having their annual Open Day on Saturday, 29th March 2014 from 09:00 – 14:00 at the Living Hope Facility in Kommetjie Road Capri, Fish Hoek. The day will be packed with fun activities for the whole family, such as games, jumping castles, face painting, live jazz bands, competitions, music and a live DJ. You can also take advantage of our Food Court that will have various fast foods for sale. A dedicated Kids Zone with adult supervision will give your kids the time of their lives.

Your family will also have the opportunity to participate in scheduled tours through our Capri Campus and our Health Care Center to give you an overview of all the services Living Hope offers. A mobile clinic will be available for free health screening such as, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Blood Sugar Testing, Body Mass Index.

Contact Mario at 0732799190

Below is a little story of how giving to our Dollar-A-Day (DAD) program is directly impacting the lives of kids in the communities in which Living Hope works. We thank all our DAD supporters for their faithful and generous giving!

Vanessa (name changed) comes from the community of Mountain View and is one of six (6) kids in her family. Like many, she comes from a female headed household as her father left the family when she was young. As she and her twin sister began their involvement in the Mountain View kids clubs our Life Skill Educators began to build a relationship with them and understand some of the challenges they faced. With many things lacking in their lives, food was constantly one of them. At the age of 13, Vanessa took on many family responsibilities including working small weekend jobs to help put food on the table for the family. But in the midst of all these challenges her prioritization of her school work didn’t waiver as she continued to pursue her education.

As her mother grew sick and her responsibilities increased she reached out to our Life Skill Educators to talk. At the time she didn’t even have a uniform for school, but our Life Skills staff was able to help and secured uniforms, stationary and other items for her and several siblings. As food was a constant struggle she also asked for left over sandwiches for their family’s supper which staff was able to provide.

As our staff continued to work with Vanessa and encourage her, she began to volunteer at our holiday clubs. Unfortunately, life was still difficult as her mother remained ill and she had responsibilities of weekend work and care of her siblings. As she contemplated dropping out of school to ease some of the burden her mother called our Life Skill Educators for support. As our staff rallied around her they were able to continue to encourage her, to love her, to pray with her and to let her know that a network of support was behind her.

In 2013, we all celebrated as she became our first teen from the Mountain View community to matriculate (graduate) high school with a bachelor’s degree giving her the marks needed to continue her studies at the next level! In understanding the walk God has had with her through these tough times Vanessa is first volunteering at a Christian camp in order to give back before looking at her next step of studying to become a social worker.

We are so proud of Vanessa and blessed to have been a part of the successful journey she is on.

broken heart

Bennie came to Living Hope’s Recovery Programme as so many do feeling and looking as though the world had given him a thorough beating. Head down, not a hint of a smile looking the picture of abject failure and hopelessness.

The volunteers and staff were concerned that Bennie had come to Living Hope in the period before closure for the Christmas Holidays and many of us doubted that we would see him again after reopening in January 2014. To our absolute delight he was one of the first to arrive announcing very proudly that he was still clean and sober and that this was the first Christmas and New Year that he could remember being clean and sober and even going to church. We all congratulated him and there were others too who had really made a huge effort in a time of severe temptation and we give God all the Glory.

Later in the day Pastor Raymond Bowman the programme counsellor was sharing from the bible and explained the way of salvation in Jesus Christ. Suddenly Bennie blurted out the words,” that it, thats it, I gotta to do that”! Ray stopped and said,” what are you saying”? Bennie responded sharing that he had felt a strange feeling inside of him that he could not understand he felt it getting stronger every time he attended church and could not understand what was going on but was too scared to share with anyone. But suddenly it all made sense to him and he said it again, Pastor Ray, thats it, I know I gotta do this”.

The following moments were most sacred as Bennie knelt down and the other clients made a circle around him and Raymond led him to Jesus praying the sinners prayer.
As Ray, shared this with me I thought how lovely to start 2014 in this way. We thank God for the privilege to be able to share our faith and to have the special experience to see people respond to the gospel.

Bennie is visibly changed. In Living Hope’s Recovery Programme we say he has his head up again. I believe what he did would have made a very special impact on all other clients in that class that day.
Thank you to all who support this programme faithfully in prayer – God is at work in Living Hope’s Recovery Programme and is hearing and answering prayer. To Him be all the Glory!

*not his real name

What an incredibly exciting time it is at Living Hope right now! As you probably are aware in 2013 we were blessed with the opportunity to acquire 19 acres of undeveloped land that is adjacent to the main Capri campus. Through God’s provision of generous partners we were able to not only procure the land, but also have resources available to begin prep work on it.

As January brought us a new year it also brought us the start of this exciting process. We are pleased to share with you that work is underway and earth is being moved as we begin this journey and opportunity before us. We thank you for all your prayers and ask that you continue to join us in prayer as we discern how to best use this land in reaching people for Christ, bringing hope and breaking despair of poverty and disease.



Our ministry is constantly blessed in that we are able to be a part of the greater story of God working in the lives of individuals like Bridgette. Take a few minutes to read her powerful written testimony and celebrate with us the power of God’s grace and redemption.

Psalm 107:2 reads, “Let the redeemed of the LORD tell their story— those he redeemed from the hand of the foe,”


The time has come! Living Hope has officially kicked off its Black Friday campaign to raise $26,000 for the Life Skills Education program! Join us over the next 16 hours as we share more information about the program. Let’s get it started with this brief video from Avril Thomas, General Manager as she shares more information with us.

To donate to the Life Skills and support the life changing work being done by this program, please go to our donate section to give.

Every dollar is meaningful and impactful in the lives of kids in the communities we work.


At Living Hope, we are passionate about changing lives. In order to continue to offer health care to the sick people of our community, we need your help. By purchasing a light for R100, you become a visible reminder that we will are able to provide love and care to the suffering. All proceeds from your light purchase will benefit the Health Care Centre.

Help us give hope by purchasing a light.

By purchasing a light, you will help people in need of receiving dignity, hope, love and care. For every light that is purchased, Living Hope will shine a light at the Health Care Centre in Capri, for the whole month of December. We will switch the lights on at a special lighting ceremony held in our chapel and then celebrate the lives of those we have touched.

So, how do you switch on hope?

Click HERE to order or call 021 784 2800. You can purchase as many lights as you wish. Please help us to switch on hope.

The special lighting ceremony will take place on 2 December 2012 at Living Hope Capri from 18h00 to 20h30. We hope to see you there!

For more information please phone 021 784 2800

Ride for Recovery

Ride clean, ride free..

Ride for Recovery is a Living Grace initiative engaging the biker community of the Western Cape to join forces to create a breakfast ride to celebrate recovery by raising money to help support donations for their Substance Abuse Recovery Programme.

Ride for Recovery Breakfast Run starts on 17 November 2013 beginning at 7am in Muizenberg, the ride will take you around the Peninsular ending at Living Hope in Capri.  The cost is R100 per person and includes breakfast and coffee.

The Living Grace Recovery Programme provides a 6 week out-patient recovery programme, free of charge to clients. The following services are offered: Seminars & workshops, Counseling for individuals and families, Out-Patient Treatment Programme and After-care Services.

Living Grace is one of the ministries of Living Hope that reaches out to the homeless as well as to people with substance abuse issues. Substance abuse and addiction is a huge factor in the social ills of South African society. A Bible based recovery programme is helping people find healing and recovery through the word of God.

For more information, please contact Living Grace on +27 (0) 21 788 9702

Or you can email:

Dear Friend of Living Hope,


Hundreds of dollars have been raised for Living Hope because some of you in the USA are just drinking better coffee every morning… or getting your church or office to drink better coffee.  It would be so easy for more of you to also just drink better coffee and have the hundreds turn into thousands for Living Hope.


The coffee is from our partner, Phoenix Community Coffee, and is a single-sourced Panamanian ranked in the top 1% in the world.  It is grown by mission minded growers who support missionaries in Panama and as you will remember, Phoenix Community Coffee was started by an Atlanta area church, The Phoenix Community of Atlanta. Our Chairman, John Thomas, announced this at the last Partner’s Conference and also encouraged the listeners on the Rick and Bubba radio show to order and drink the coffee the last time he was in the USA .


This month there has been some game changing news relating to the Living Hope coffee offering.  Their customers demanded and they have responded with FREE SHIPPING!  Now with the purchase of 3 bags from shipping is ABSOLUTELY FREE and $3 per bag will come to Living Hope.  You get 3 bags of the best coffee, freshly roasted that week, and Living Hope will receive $9!


The best, and easiest, way to support us is to start a monthly subscription of 3 or more bags per month.  If your home or office is a pot a day kind of place you could easily go through 5 – 7 so 3 – 4 is easily managed in a home or office.


A subscription of 3 bags from would give $9 per month to Living Hope.  That is $108 per year to Living Hope and you have done nothing different than upgrading the coffee you drink.


Please consider a subscription today for your home or office, or just order some pumpkin spice or another of their great offerings for your holiday parties or gifts.


They even have a donate button where you can just give directly to Living Hope if you are not a coffee drinker.


God bless you for your efforts on behalf of Living Hope and those we serve and for considering helping (or continuing to help) through your coffee choice.

It’s almost Spring and we’re looking forward to a beautiful summer. Living Hope is celebrating a Spring Open Day on Saturday, 7th September from 09:00 – 14:00 at our Living Hope Facility in Kommetjie Road Capri.

The day will be packed with fun activities for the whole family, such as carnival games, jumping castles, candy floss, popcorn, face painting, competitions, music and a live DJ. You can also take advantage of our Food Court that will have various fast foods for sale. A dedicated Kids Zone with adult supervision will give your kids the time of their lives.

Your family will also have the opportunity to participate in scheduled tours through our Health Care Centre and the rest of our facility to give you an overview of all the services Living Hope offers. A mobile clinic will be available for Blood Pressure Monitoring, Blood Sugar Testing, Body Mass Index, TB Screening, HIV testing and counseling.

Contact Mario at Events@Livinghope.Co.Za 073 279 9190