Month: November 2014

Chris and his sister are active kids in our afternoon club at Ocean View. One day while playing with friends at the lake near a building site in Ocean View Chris fell in and hit his head on a rock. A lady walking past witnessed the event and pulled him from the lake to start doing CPR. She eventually revived him and took him to the clinic where he lost consciousness again. The paramedics worked on him for two hours before they were able to get a steady pulse and rushed him to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

During this traumatic time our Life Skills Educators supported the family with food parcels and emotional support as they constantly checked in with the family to see how they were doing over the weeks to follow. Chris’ granny also thanked Living Hope for the many prayers that were a great support to her family. Furthermore, Living Hope connected the family with social workers to assist the family on any legal matters pertaining to the incident.

Chris has now made a full recovery and he and his sisters still attend club today. We were so glad that we could support the family spiritually and emotionally in their time of need. Because of the generosity of others who become a #LivingHopeDAD we are able to be active in life events of our children and respond in love during tragedy. Become a financial partner by going clicking here

Chris' granny came to thank Living Hope for assisting her family

Chris’ granny came to thank Living Hope for assisting her family

The community of Ocean View

The community of Ocean View

Our Life Skills programs brings hope to literally thousands of children and families every year. And we do it all by the donations of individuals.

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