Month: April 2012

Track 1 – Abambonang’ uYesu (They have not seen Him)

Many have not seen Him
Jesus passing by
He was performing miracles
Jesus passing by.

 Tracks 3 – Themba lam (My hope)

I will ascend with my hope
When I enter in heaven my hope will be with me
Praise, praise the name of the Lord 

Track 6 – Nkosi sikelel’iAfrika

Lord bless Afrika
May her spirit rise high up
Hear our prayers oh Father
Oh Lord bless, us its family 

Let it be! Let it be!
Let it be till eternity!

Track 7 – Great wonder

A great mystery, a great wonder
That has filled the heavens and the earth.
This great wonder Is God’s own son
Came down to earth that we may be saved.
He felt great compassion
He took upon Him all our sin and shame. 
Those that believe in Him today shall not be judged
May you be glorified Lord for eternity.

Track 9 – Coming Home

I have strayed away from home
Now I am coming back
Open your loving arms Lord and welcome me back.
Coming home, coming home
Lord I’m coming home
Open your loving arms Lord welcome me back.

Track 10 – Hymn 10

When the great men and women of faith depart on this earth;
You father of all great men and women shall remain with us.
That great sea of great men and women of faith therefore
Shall never cease.

Track 11 – iminyaka (Years)

Many years have passed by
And time has gone by:
Jesus is coming, and He is coming very soon.
The time of His second coming does not seem
He will come and fetch us all that are His
For He indeed is coming very soon.

Track 12 – Izulu wolingena (You will enter heaven)

You will enter heaven only by your work in Christ!

Track 13 – Hallelujah amen

Hallelujah unto the lamb
That died on Calvary.
Hallelujah Hallelujah
Hallelujah  Amen

For all our friends who aren’t  able to make the “Night of Worship” Benefit Concert for Living Hope on the 26th April at Brentwood Baptist Church, Nashville, TN, we have great news … you are able to watch online through a online live simulcast.

 Performing artists include: Michael W Smith, Tommy Walker, Jennie Lee Riddle, Meredith Andrews, Michael Farren, Shelly E Johnson and more

Click the link below to view the concert online:


Living Hope will be hosting their Partners Conference this April from the 25 – 26th at Brentwood Baptist Church, Nashville, TN.

Everyone is welcome, should you wish to attend, please click the link below to register:

There will also be a special NIGHT of  WORSHIP to end everything off on April 26th at 6:30pm!

Hope to see you all there!


Living Hope is thrilled to announce a special Benefit concert which will be hosted on the 26th April 2012 at Brentwood Baptist, TN and promises to be a night full of entertainment and meaningful worship.

The concert will form part of this year’s Worship Leader “Song DISCovery Conference” and will coincide with our annual partners conference. Not only will we be treated to songs by Michael W Smith, but the line- up includes artists like Tommy Walker, Jennie Lee Riddle, Michael Farren, Meredith Andrews and Shelly E Johnson.

For all those attending the concert, you will have the opportunity to purchase the new Michael W Smith song which he wrote and produced for Living Hope. This song is featured on a CD that will be available on the night of the concert. This CD was a dream project that involved a choir from Masiphumelele and has had input from Jars of Clay and Casting Crowns in its production.

(click below to see what Michael W Smith has to say about Living Hope and the concert)

Michael W Smith talks about Living Hope and the concert

But that is not all! We will also use this opportunity to launch a book entitled:” Faces of Hope”, that was written by Allen Allnoch, a volunteer from the US that worked at Living Hope. This book features the stories of the people who have been touched and changed by the work that Living Hope is doing in the communities we serve. It is a beautiful book and will be on sale at the concert too.

So bring your friends and your family along on 26th April at 6.30pm to Brentwood Baptist, TN For more info about the night of worship, please email

*The concert is a non ticketed event so there is no charge for entrance, however, as it is a benefit concert, we appeal to all to open their hearts and give towards Living Hope in a generous way. Our focus on the night will be to raise funds for our DAD program which allows Life Skills Educators to work with children and teens in impoverished and challenging home-circumstances to bring hope and to show God’s love. Through the various programs offered, the children have a place to feel at home and loved, while learning about sexual abstinence and other lifestyle issues. The program also includes parenting classes extending Living Hope’s influence into the home.

In March our Capricorn and Overcome Life Skill Educators along with a visiting team from Shades Mountain held Community Outreaches in the Capricorn and  Overcome Communities. 

It was a wonderful opportunity to present the gospel of Christ to the community as a drama about Easter. 

Easter Drama

The children were able to have their face-painted, play games and relays, partake in crafts and have the gospel explained in a simple way.

Capricorn youth with his craft hat

 We were able to serve a total of 200 people at the Capricorn outreach and 125 people at the Overcome outreach.  Both communities welcomed us and we were able to say they both went really well.

Please continue to partner with us in prayer for our Life Skill Educators who work and serve the communities spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

Last year, Zulu Nala and Lulama Sdino  who live in Masiphumele had nothing.  Their shack had burnt down.  They were responsible for taking care of their three grandchildren, as well as their three children, who are all younger than 20 years old.  In October last year, at the Masiphumelele afternoon kids club, their youngest daughter confided in Sondi, one of the Life Skills Educators. After a home visit to check on them, the Masiphumelele Life Skills team and other volunteers have been walking alongside this family, helping them to get back on to their feet again.

They first managed to obtain birth certificates.  Then, in November, the family was supplied with beds by ‘Sweet Sleep’.  Now, the family are due to get their first child grant payments in April.   We plan to continue to support them, including teaching them how to budget and use their grant money wisely and responsibly. 

It has been a long journey and we are very grateful to everyone who has participated in this process.  We are most grateful to God who made it all possible.

The highlight for all was on 21 March 2012, when Zulu and Lulama got married in the Masiphumelele Baptist Church.  This was a very special and meaningful service and was well attended. It was a celebration – not just for those involved from Living Hope, but also for the community. The pastor spoke it out so well: “I thank you for doing this today. Because whether you know it or not, you are not just doing it for yourselves but for all the young people here. Today, you are planting a seed in their hearts, that maybe one day they will say I want to do it this way, God’s way.” What a powerful testimony to the next generation of what God’s good plans are for them if they choose to wait!

Shelby Wedding